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    AG doll clothes, and sweaters for my 5 month old niece
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  1. OOHH..love it!! Thank you a great big bunch for sharing!!
  2. Very different..I do really like it!! Thank you!!
  3. So very pretty!!! Thanks a bunch for sharing!!
  4. Very nice!! Thanks a bunch for sharing this lovely pattern with us!!!
  5. Aww..this is so precious!! Thanks a great deal for sharing with us!!!
  6. Awesome..thanks a great big bunch for sharing
  7. Way to adorable..thanks a bunch for sharing your talent!!
  8. Sweet..thanks a whole lotta bunch for sharing!!!
  9. That's different, but cute! Thanks a bunch for sharing!!
  10. Way to cute!!! I really love your patterns...I made a couple, and gave them to my niece yesterday for her birthday..and she was so excited. The smile on her face was sweet. Thankyou so much for sharing your patterns, and helping me make my niece's day!! Looking so forward to the next one!!
  11. CUTE!! Thanks a whole bunch for sharing!!
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