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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, I have decided to do 2 rows of the neon brights colorway and two rows of the black. Once I am done with that blanket I will probably make one for my youngest daughter in either pink camo or watercolors colorway, if I do the pink camo I will alternate it with light raspberry and use dark raspberry for the border and I will use either a medium pink or dark pink for the border with white for the alternating color in the blanket itself. And for the watercolor, I will alternate with a country blue and use blue hawaii for the border (I love bright colors, lol). I haven't
  2. ohhh boy I can hardly wait!!! Tomorrow I am hosting the year long Granny Stripe Temperature Blanket. I have never made one and I wanted my blanket to be nice and comfortable. These are the colors I chose for different temp's. Holly Berry Real Teal Turqua Aruba Sea Lilac Violet Mango Spring Green Pretty N Pink Cherry Red Pumpkin Blue Hawaii Lavender Hot Pink Light Raspberry Chianti As you can
  3. Thank you both for your help, I really appreciate it. *sigh* I really wanted to make a blanket for my daughter with the sample they showed in the video but I don't have the patience to make panels and such because I really do not like joining, that is why I won't do granny squares. I already have the yarn so I think I will either make a granny stripe blanket alternating the neon brights with solid black, since you are supposed to change colors every two rows. I'm sure that would look just as pretty. I just thought the way she got the colors to line up like that was pretty cool. lol I am al
  4. I want to try planned pooling but I don't like the argyle style. I found this and love it, it would be perfect for my daughter. I watched the youtube video, the problem is that I don't know how many chains to start with. I want to make it a twin size blanket. This is the picture and here is the video, maybe someone can help me out here. Planned pooling with neon stripes
  5. thanks guys,I hate joining granny squares so I just join as I am going, much easier that way.
  6. thank you guys, I love it and it's so very easy to make.
  7. I am currently working on this afghan
  8. I just finished making these and the best part I designed them all myself ???my cute little nephew modeling for me. Lol ???
  9. My Nana taught me at age 13, just the basics. I learned everything else myself through books when I was older.
  10. less never learned to read them it's just easier for a written pattern for me.
  11. Good Morning Well the yarn fairy came by yesterday and BOY was my husband upset, lol. He doesn’t understand yarn addiction lol. These were in one of the boxes: I have been dying to try the Red Heart Ombres
  12. I designed this by just playing around and who couldn't use another was cloth. lol If you could favorite it I would appreciate it. Enjoy Here's the link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pretty-and-simple-dishcloth-3
  13. I just finished this shawl and love it, it works up quick and is a free pattern, if you would like the link I have included it in the post. I use Red Heart Unforgettable in Parrot and it came out beautiful. Triangle Shawl I suggest downloading the Peek a boo shawl pdf 3 of 3 I guess she decided to rename it and it has none of the mistakes of the first two.
  14. This is a free pattern, it goes with my simple and pretty flower dish cloths, although that is a paid pattern. This is the link to my Ravelry Store : Designs by Kym Murphy Here is the link for the Pretty and Simple cloth Pretty and Simple Dish cloth Hope you all enjoy it. Also I will be adding some kitchen sets and I might even start taking orders for graphgans both with or without written patterns, in either the Tunisian Stitch or C2C Stitch. You will also be able to have them personalized for a small extra cost. I will keep everyone updated on that. Until then check out
  15. I can commit to at least two scarves right now. I will probably be able to do more once the kids are in school. PM me ur addy and I will get started on these right away. Hugs, Kym
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