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  1. So cute! I might make those for the next bday party we have.
  2. I wanted to share my photo of the 2 I've made so far.
  3. Welcome aboard from Huntsville, Al but a SC fan (Congrats on the SEC championship btw) I have to laugh about the looks you get! I am sure it starts some great conversations lol. Hope to see you around the boards more
  4. Ohh please add me! That is gorgeous! I hope one day I'll be able to crochet that well!
  5. Welcome aboard! Newbie here too so no advice lol I keep making mistakes and trying again
  6. Welcome to the board! I am pretty new here but love it already!
  7. Welcome! I am about 2 hours south of you in Huntsville, Al and a fairly new crocheter Taught mostly by youtube as well LOL
  8. Cute thanks for sharing! I made 1, it's not perfect (newbie crocheter) but I like it!
  9. WoW! Cool, I never win anything!!! Thanks & Congrats to everyone else too!
  10. Love it! Can't wait to try it out Thanks for sharing!
  11. Ohhh I would love to be entered! I keep looking for markers here but they are always sold out! Maybe I am looking wrong, either way those are beautiful!
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome Amy, yep I am in the Huntsville area, it's a small world!
  13. I am a fairly new crocheter but love this pattern but was scared to try. I did it though, well I haven't done the 'decorative' crochet yet, but the base of the tree and branches are done I need to go buy some pretty thread to finish it up. ETA: Ok here is my tree minus decoration
  14. Hi everyone Newbie 'member', have been lurking for a bit and finally decided to join in the fun. I am Frances, mom to 3 girls, 10, 5 and 6 months and a fairly new crocheter. I am already addicted and have made all the kids hats and scarves along with a few gifts and home decor (holiday). I've always loved arts and crafts and anything hands on, so this is the perfect hobby for me. Look forward to chatting and getting to know you all better.
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