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  1. I hand stitched it in using invisible thread, I pinned it in first and then whipstitched it the best I could, trying to keep the thread inside the fabric and only on the inside loops of the yarn. Very important to pin and not pull to tight, so the fabric doesn't pucker anywhere and end up smaller than the purse. Making the lining the right size was the worst part for me... and I didn't do it on paper first, I should have traced the purse (around) it on paper and then use it to make the pattern and then cut the fabric etc. Thanks I did not, I used this pattern : http://shortylamcrochet.blogspot.com/2006/11/nordstrom-hobo-bag.html as you can tell my pattern ended up slightly different, so I probably tweaked (not on purpose lol) it as I went and I didn't want the ribbon and I crocheted the strap. I was going to use the mag. snaps but couldn't find any locally:eek so it went without, but I did sew 2 pockets
  2. Thanks again, the person who got it loved it and many others were a little jealous they didn't get it
  3. Thanks everyone I love that it works up so quickly, which makes it perfect for this type of thing.
  4. Making these in a variety of colors for our local Relay for Life team to sell
  5. Thanks everyone! I have to admit I am excited it turned out so great, and I just hope who ever gets it will love it! I know the cutting lady at Hobby Lobby thought I was crazy walking around with my yarn looking at fabric to match lol but I think it goes perfectly and I hope it's a nice pop of color for spring.
  6. I made this for a swap with some friends and am pretty pleased how it turned out. I don't know that I'll do it again, sewing the lining in, was not fun, and it's definitely not perfect but I still think it's cute.
  7. Thanks for the ideas It's going to have a single brown "leather" purse strap. I put some random fabric I have in it just to see how much color there would be, and it was fairly muted, even though the colors are bright. I may go with a pop of color. The recipient is unknown, it's a craft swap, so I am just trying to go with something I think most people would like.
  8. Ok I made a purse, it's an off white color and I need to line it. What color fabric do you all recommend? I was thinking something light color but not nec. white or off white. Would a pop of color look OK? I've never done this before, it's the 1st purse I've made and it's a gift so I want it to look nice. The pattern is a cluster type, 3dc,3s,3dc etc so there are quite a few "holes" to see through. Any advice on the best way to line, would be wonderful as well! Thanks!
  9. Ok here is what I got, please be gentle lol again this is the 1st time I've even tried to write a pattern and I am sure there are some mistakes. If you have questions let me know. Its really a simple pattern, so I probably made it harder than it is. Ch-Chain DC- Double Crochet Tr-Triple Crochet BLp- Back Loop FLp- Front Loop SS- Slip Stitch Hook: I- is what I used Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver ( I used a little over a skein) you could use something softer, but I don't think the ruffles would hold as well... if someone tries it let me know Chain 170 Row 1: DC in 4th Ch from hook and DC in rest of chain with 2 DC in last Ch *Do Not Turn*, working back up the other side, DC in each Ch with 2 DC in last Ch. Join with SS Row 2: Ch 3, DC in each DC across, with 2 DC on 2 end DC (from prior row) *Do Not Turn*, working back up the other side, DC in each CH with 2 DC in last 2 DC. Join with SS. Row 3: Ch 3, DC in each DC BLp only with 2 DC in 2 end DC (from prior row) * Do Not Turn*, working back up the other side, DC in each DC with 2 DC in the last 2 DC. Join with SS. – entire row is worked in back loop only. Row 4: Ch 4, 4 Tr in each DC down scarf, *Do Not Turn* and work down other side. Join with SS. Tie Off, Weave in Ends. Row 5: SS Join in Row 3’s FLp, Ch 4, 4 Tr in each FLp down scarf, *Do Not Turn*, and work down the other side. Join with SS, tie off and weave in ends. You could make this longer or shorter to suit your needs. I am 5'11 and it falls just about at my natural waist, I will make longer next time since the ruffles make it draw up a bit. Again if you have questions, let me know I will do my best to help and please if you make this, please share a picture *As far as I know this was created by me, please do not redistribute the pattern or claim as yours.
  10. Thanks everyone! My dd had her surgery Dec 6 and is doing amazing right now We go back in Feb and April for rechecks on everything. I am trying to write out the pattern, though I've never written one, so I don't know if it'll make sense or not, but I am willing to post it so you can try it out. The scarf does stay pretty much twisted when worn. I don't know the exact oz of the yarn used, but I used a whole skein of RHSS plus some of another. If I can figure it out, I'll let you know.
  11. Welcome! I am in the Huntsville area as well Glad to "meet" you!
  12. I made this for my little one following the pattern posted by Wholewheat but changed the eyes slightly and my beak didn't quite turn out right but I still think its cute and as you can see she loves it.
  13. Thanks everyone! I will come back and post soon, my little one is having surgery next week, so I am out of sorts right now. I'll message you when I get it wrote out a little more.
  14. Adapted from my ruffly scarf (that I got from Debi Y) I came up with this double ruffle scarf. The pictures aren't great, sorry, it was really dark in the room but hopefully you'll still be able to get the gist of it. 1st photo is the scarf laid out to show off the ruffles and the 2nd one shows it all twisted and pretty:yay
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