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    I'm a mom of 2 grown children, and a grandma of 2 beautiful granddaughters and lovin' it
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    I love to crochet, collect patterns, sew, tole paint and some plastic canvas.I'm trying scrapbooking
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    LVN (nurse) working for a Home Health agency for pediatrics
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    I love to make afghans, dolls, doilies, and a variety of things. I'll try just about anything(crochet that is) haha!!
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    since 1977
  1. I've been making butterflies and have close to 500, I am hoping to go to the museum and see the display, live about 4 hrs from there. Will be cool to see all the different types that have been displayed.
  2. I have been crocheting and donating to Special Olympics for 5 yrs now, I crochet scarves for Texas, California and Arizona, I am very disappointed. Oh well, I will find a different organization I can donate to.
  3. I just finished number 14 :claplast night of the goal I had set for myself this year and dropped them off today for Texas, thank goodness they are not far from where I live, otherwise I wouldn't have made the deadline. . Well now just wait for the colors for next year. Now I need to think of some where else I want to donate.
  4. You don't have to give your name. You can do it anonymous, but you should take credit for your hard work. By the way, where is Port Neches, Tx? I'm in Hutto, Tx.
  5. yes, the colors are Red Heart Super Saver 387 Soft Navy Red Heart Super Saver 319 Cherry Red Red Heart Soft 4604 Navy Red Heart Soft 9925 Really Red as stated on the Special Olympics web site. WOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOO
  6. THE DETAILS AND COLORS FOR THE 2012 SPECIAL OLYMPICS USA SCARF PROJECT WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOMETIME IN APRIL 2011****just found this on their web site. Can't wait to get started. Ohhhhhhhh, I wonder what colors they will choose????????
  7. THE DETAILS AND COLORS FOR THE 2012 SPECIAL OLYMPICS USA SCARF PROJECT WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOMETIME IN APRIL 2011 Just found this on their website. Can't wait to get started.
  8. I just signed up, there is a 4 week wait time for them to get back to you and hey will send you an email. But it looks like a pretty cool place to donate to.
  9. Received my beautiful potholder from Midds. Thank You, I love it. Will try to post picture later. Thanks again Midds you're the greatest.
  10. Whewwww, I finished, the scarves I started for Arizona and Northern California. Gonna get them in the mail tomorrow. Beat the dead line again for both states. Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!. Can' wait to see what the colors for next year are going to be.
  11. I finished mine and in the mail for Midds, was having a real hard time getting the stitches counted right while watching the Steelers play last weekend, had to wait til the game was over to finish, kept making mistakes. LOL
  12. I finished 4 beat the dead line for Texas, finished last night, hubby delivered today for me, thank goodness I live close enough to drop them off, deadline 01/27/2011, Wheeeeeeeeew. Now to start on the 2 for Arizona and 2 for Northern California. I don't know how to post pictures, if I did I'd port them you all to see.
  13. I've got my first one almost done, 5 more rows to go, still have 1 to go for Texas, 2 for AZ and 2 for Northern California, so you know what I'm gonna be doing after work and throughout the weekend. I'm excited to get started on next years.
  14. I plan on going when they have the show. Houston is about 4 hrs from me, just hope I don't get lost getting there. LOL
  15. I gotta get back to making butterflies again, I started making them last year, but stopped to do other things, I think I've got about 100 done so far
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