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    I'm a mom of 2 grown children, and a grandma of 2 beautiful granddaughters and lovin' it
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    I love to crochet, collect patterns, sew, tole paint and some plastic canvas.I'm trying scrapbooking
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    LVN (nurse) working for a Home Health agency for pediatrics
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    I love to make afghans, dolls, doilies, and a variety of things. I'll try just about anything(crochet that is) haha!!
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    since 1977
  1. Well I haven't posted in a while, my daughter and grandaughter were visiting from Arizona, so the only time I worked on mine was when we went up to Texas A & M and I maessed up and added extra stitches at the end of a row, I have to go back and find it. I didn't want to rip it all out in the car so I put it away, so now maybe I can find where I messed up. Gosh I hate that
  2. Wow, Robbie, with 5 kiddos, how do you find time to crochet? Debbi, I haven't gotten as far for it to be heavy, I'm working on to many things now, crocheting, sewing and machine embroidery, to many birthdays this month and not enough time, I wasn't able to try to add pictures either, my daughter is coming from Arizona in March and she will be able to do it for me.
  3. i will take photo and try to figure out how to post this weekend
  4. Darski, mine seem small too, I don't usually crochet afghans in single crochet, but this one I had to because it is simple beautiful.
  5. Got three more rows of hearts done last night.
  6. I though I would do the next one in purple, maybe two different shades of purple or maybe a varigated purple and solid purple.
  7. I don't know how to post pictures, if you would tell me how, I'll try
  8. I have to turn mine like Kim said to find the placement, but it seems to get easier as you go along. Just keep playing with it.
  9. I really haven't worked on mine to much since Sunday. I really like the pattern alot now that i got it figured out. I think after I get this one done, I might do another, but in different colors. Well, we'll see as time goes on. How is your coming along Owl?
  10. Well I knew I wasn't gonna get much done, I only finished 4 more rows. Had to watch both playoff games. So now it the Cardinals and the Steelers in the Superbowl. And you know I'm going for the Steelers.How is everyone else coming along?
  11. Thanks Kim, I got it, I'm on row 5 now. I don't know why I coundn't this thing started, but I got it now. I'm gonna be working on this afghan and watching my Steelers play tomorrow. So don't know how much crocheting I'm gonna get done. Thanks again.
  12. Kim Thank you, for the photo, but it is actually the second row just after turning from the first row. Ch 1, sc dec in the first 2 sc, sc in the next 4 sc,* 3 sc in the next sc. This is the part I can not figure out. Maybe I'm dense but i can not figure that out for the life of me.
  13. could someone post a picture of the beginning of the second row, i'm just not getting it.
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