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    at home mom to 5 wonderful kids
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    top on list crochet, plastic canvas and reading
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    blankets, hats, scarfs but will try anything once
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    since 2001
  1. i am new to this stuff what is a magic ball?
  2. no but thank you it is beautiful.. i might make it
  3. its like that except it didn't have the little popcorn in the center or around the edge but that will work i will look into ordering the book thanks sylvia
  4. my niece loved the poem and the blanket the poem made her cry so you should have seen all of us ladys crying like baby's it was funny thank you once again...sylvia:clap
  5. i am looking for a pattern i saw this weekend my niece received a baby blanket as a gift from my sisters friend and it was beautiful i know i have seen the pattern before just can't find it now and i want to make one let me explain it maybe someone can help me.....okay it is done in long strips and it has a heart shaped out of popcorn stitch then the panels are sewn together then a edging is made all around it can someone help.....please sylvia
  6. that is perfect thank you so much i love it love it love it
  7. thank you for all your help i found the yarn i needed and now i just need to start the blanket:cheer
  8. i am making a blanket for my niece and the size from what i can tell is turning out small i used a bigger needle but it still small perfect for a stroller so i am looking for a poem to attach to it just so she knows its for stroller for car seat use can some one please help...thanks sylvia
  9. i was wondering if any body could tell me if red heart makes 3 shades of yarn in grey..i know they have a nickel a heather grey and a light grey..are they all different or are the nickel and heather the same.
  10. my sister-in-law tried to teach me and it didn't stick then a few months later a family friend taught me and it stuck now i do way more than she does and she always comes to me when she needs help you would have thought that i had taught her my husband teases her about it all the time he says what happened teacher you need a student to teach u now it makes her laugh every time...
  11. that looks like a nice pattern good luck i know this year i am in hopes of making donna's patterns for my nephew wish me luck ..i just finished the raiders one and it is huge....would love to see your other blankets...
  12. love it started mine this morning i just love it so easy and cute... making mine in different color circles using caron yarn in the brights and it looks good..will share pic when done thank you ....
  13. hey there i'm from little old Lockney tx just an hour away from lubbock...
  14. love your hats my daughter now wants me to make her some gloves can you please tell me what pattern you used she liked both sets of your i on the other hand would like to make her the one that folds over so please share. i told her i would give it a try i have never made mittens before but theres always a first...
  15. does anyone know where i can find a baby print zebra pattern to make a blanket for my niece she's having a baby in feb and they are doing zebra print i would love to make her something to go with her decor..thanks
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