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    Mom (girls - 10, 12 & 15), GS leader, Crochet instructor
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    Shawnee, KS
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    Girl Scouts, crochet (duh), camping, doing things with my girls
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    software interaction designer
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    Washclothes, towel toppers, hats, ponchos, warmies, capes, granny squares
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    Since 1979
  1. You'll see there are a lot of folks from Michigan on here. You should check out and see if there are some in your area. A lot of places have in-person get togethers. Welcome aboard.
  2. This is a great place if you have having questions. You'll find the right thread and you'll probably get more answers than you could imagine.
  3. Welcome to Crochetville! I haven't made that particular pattern, but you should be able to find someone here who has and can give you advice on what to do next
  4. Hi there - I'm right across the border in Kansas. Welcome to Crochetville!
  5. Iris are my favorite flower Welcome aboard!
  6. You'll find lots of inspiration from everything everyone here makes! Welcome.
  7. Congrats!!!!!! And welcome aboard
  8. Gotta spread the love! I'm not a grandma - but I've taught kids, moms, aunt, and even grandmas
  9. Glad you joined. There are always great ideas to keep you inspired! And help if you ever get stuck too.
  10. So I'm trying to decide what kind of scrap-ghan to make. I don't want to do a granny square or motif. What kind is your favorite? Keeping whole rows in one color Multi-strand blended - just add one when running out of one color Various size rows - just use each scrap until done I will probably keep this one for myself. I have some scraps, but will have to just keep adding to this one for a while.
  11. That will be so very warm and comforting!
  12. It's always so fulfilling when the people you make something for appreciate it so much. I know I am always very touched when someone takes the time and effort to make something for me. It happens so seldom.
  13. I need to make something similar for my keys......just need to find the perfect thing for me. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm off to look at Fridgie patterns to see what would for for a keychain.
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