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  1. thanks. she's 4.5 and not a happy camper right now. she has an undiagnosed seizure disorder, and with the crazy barometric pressure shifts up here where we live we're thinking that might have been a huge factor.
  2. fell off the face of the earth.....my youngest had a stroke. not sure if I'll be able to continue.
  3. oh and I crochet 14 newborn and preemie beanies. I finally found a group in Canada that organizes and works with hospitals. YAY. if I can find all the batteries I'll take a pic.
  4. oh YAAAAAY! I've been hunting for a pretty heart to make.
  5. good...afternoon! wow its afternoon already. *sigh* My youngest is starting to feel better (this cold knocked her flat on her bottom - just like her daddy). 4 boxes of kleenex and 3 rolls of toilet paper later... My other two felt icky yesterday - they sat on the couches reading, watching movies and NOT bickering. Today I gave them a pocket full of throat drops, a good dose of cough medicine, chicken soup in their lunches and lots of OJ. lol I sat on the couch and worked on a blanket all yesterday, in between helping husband out moving things in the garage (he needed to get his motoycycle on our transport trailer to take it for servicing). Then he was in the garage with his sister building her a desk ALL DAY. he was wiped by the time they left. I haven't gotten any reading done (eek), can't seem to focus on it these days. I'm a reader. I love books, all books. We grew up taking road trips to visit the family and I'd have the entire space under my seat LOADED with books. I loved those Hitchcock and Ellery Queen mystery anthology mags. Husband doesn't like reading. BUT, we got him the first "Bone" book for christmas - its a graphic comic. last week we went shopping and ended up getting him the rest of the series. Now he's up reading til midnight or later. lol My oldest loves to read (I just dragged out my Anne of Green Gables series for her to read). and my middle dd didn't like to read until her teacher encouraged her. Now, she LOVES it. and my youngest is a book lover too, she can't read yet but once you read it to her she remembers the story. we've got a library in our downstairs that is crammed FULL of books.
  6. well shorty's a mess - all snotty and gross. fever comes and goes. I spent the day disinfecting and cleaning. got 4 rows of my ripple blanket done. Organized all my patterns and tossed a bunch that I know I'll never use. Went through my library and found a couple books I want to read again. its warmed up real good today (-17C this morning and now its just about 0C). roads are melting, drifts are melting, its all squishy and melty. lol Have a good night everyone!
  7. a quick check in... the Mr had the weekend off. we just hung out and went shopping, went to a natural fair, then shopping again. my youngest is extremely sick. thought it was the chinook (barometric spikes drastically in 1-3 hours migraines are common up here) making her sick, but she's had a nasty fever off and on all day. So, I've been relegated to the 'cuddle spot' on the couch working on her ripple blanket. I got 14 rows done today while stuck on the couch. lol also got the T4 numbers done for the business so I can send those to the staff....aka ME, and the Mr. now to get the rest of the tax numbers ready (its our first ever tax time with a business eeek!) so now, I'm going to go get some stuff done. I have to wake her every hour - on neurologists orders. if it gets worse I have to get her in to see him, as some of her seizures (the absence ones) are fever triggered. *sigh*
  8. hi! (I'm supposed to be compiling our business tax info lol) welcome to the site! its loads of fun!
  9. I now have a list a mile long! THANKS so much! I also found a pattern for turtle earrings - I'll just leave off the earring parts. my mom LOVES turtles. I can't wait to get started! and my local walmart just restocked the thread section of the yarn dept. Yay me.
  10. good morning! the day I have to get a ton of stuff done....my oldest is up sick all night. argh! I wondered where the group went - my computer's been glitchy so I wasn't sure. lol Hands are still in rough shape (but I can move my left thumb today without pain YAY me). I'm probably going to try and get some crochet done today - working on 'fun things to hang' lol I found all kinds of fun things.
  11. hi everyone. productive day today - worked out to my new EAsports active program (oh dear god I can barely move), made banana bread, worked on the company taxes, played some PS3 Move with my Elizabeth (OW), worked on the taxes, made more banana bread, worked on the taxes..... Hands hurt - Right hand is in pretty good shape. Left hand though, is bad - I use Watkins Petro Carbo salve and cotton gloves. I'm doing everything one handed again today. and it sucks because I'm a lefty. well, time for me to go sit on the couch and whine about how sore I am, how I hate numbers, how sore I am, how I really don't like having to do taxes for a business, and to watch some tv. LOL. g'night!
  12. very nice! that makes me think of my Gramma's house - warm and soft and snuggly. what is the pattern (if you don't mind)
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