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  1. remnant3333

    Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Poncho

    Pretty Amazing!!!
  2. remnant3333

    My über poncho made from scraps

    Fantabulous!!! Love all the colors!! Great job
  3. remnant3333

    A Christmas Present To Be

    Awesome!! Great job
  4. remnant3333

    Baby Ripple Afghan

    This is beautiful!!!!
  5. remnant3333

    Square 5, Square 6, Square 85, and Square 92

    I love them all!!! Are all the squares all the same size? Are you gonna make one big afghan with all the different squares and put them together. Would make one interesting afghan with all the different designs. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. remnant3333

    My Cardigan: Dot Matthews (bythehook)

    I love this pattern!! Thank you for sharing
  7. remnant3333

    recent two afghans Made

    Here are a couple of afghans, One with scrap yarn and the other had 4 rectangle grannies sewn together. Thanks for looking.
  8. remnant3333

    3D Puff and shell Hexagon Granny

    Would also like the pattern. Will you post it? I just love it and am always looking for a new pattern!!! Great Job done!!! Fantastico!!!!
  9. remnant3333

    Granny Square Throw

    Totally fantabulous!!! Love the colors!!!
  10. remnant3333

    Last two scrap afghans

    I too like the one with the crosses. I think I saw that design on Yellow house. I love Granny squares and enjoy making them!!! I am not smart enough to make up my own designs. We have a lot of fantastic people out there that are very talented and I am thankful that many share their designs with people such as me who would not think to make up those designs. Thanks everyone and Happy Crocheting!!!
  11. remnant3333

    Last two scrap afghans

    Sorry I made pictures of same afghan. Here is the other one. http://s1131.photobucket.com/albums/m549/remnant3333/?action=view&current=P1010814.jpg
  12. remnant3333

    Last two scrap afghans

    Here are the last two afghans of which I used scrap colors leftover to use up my yarn. http://s1131.photobucket.com/albums/m549/remnant3333/?action=view&current=P1010816.jpg http://s1131.photobucket.com/albums/m549/remnant3333/?action=view&current=P1010816.jpg
  13. remnant3333

    seashore pinwheel

    Love this one!!! VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!! The colors are fabulous!!!
  14. remnant3333

    Shades of purple afghan

    I love the purples!!!! Very nice!!!
  15. remnant3333

    Husband's afghan

    I love the earth tone colors!!! Fantabulous!!!