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  1. lnj821

    Clothespin Angel ?

    Thank you Granny Square and sarisue for explaining why the link shows up like that. I'm glad their filters catch stuff like that. Thanks to everyone else for your replies too. I found some on Ebay
  2. lnj821

    Clothespin Angel ?

    Okay, why isn't the correct link showing?
  3. I want to make clothespin angels like this one: http://www.*****************.com/sitebuilder/images/clothespinangel-250x328.jpg I know you can get stands that will hold the clothespins, but I don't know where I can get the stands. If you make these and know where I can order the stands please leave the link. Thank you
  4. Thanks for your replies. I've decided it's better to be safe than sorry so I'm going to redo them. UGH.
  5. Has anyone ever had one fall apart because they didn't weave and cut too short? I'm asking because I made some granny square potholders as gifts and the last few that I made I used the magic ring. Without thinking I did just that (didn't weave and cut the tail short) Of course it wasn't until after I finished making them it occurred to me that I could have really goofed up and now I'm afraid these potholders will fall apart in the wash. I hate to think of doing them all over again, but I hate the thought more of them falling apart on the gift recipient.
  6. If I use a "magic ring" to start a granny square and pull the thread to close the circle tight and then snip the tail without weaving it in... What are the chances the granny square will fall apart in the wash?
  7. Awesome! Where can I get one of these CPAD calendars?
  8. Thanks for the link dobermama! I was looking for something just like that. Yes, katyallen8090, thank you for posting the pic. I was thinking of coming up with something similar to that myself. Do you mind telling me how you formed the ring? Did you chain so many then work your stitches around it or did you simply wrap the yarn around your fingers a few times?
  9. I want to make a towel holder... something like a topper but I want to be able to remove the towel. I have made the traditional towel toppers and found them to be somewhat of a pain in the rear to make. Any patterns or ideas?
  10. OMG I would be so mad and feel so insulted if someone did that to me. I guess you have to be careful about who you give your handmade gifts to. Some people really appreciate the time and effort you put into making things and love what you give them no matter what it is. Others just toss it to the side like it means nothing
  11. The things I have made for gifts are very well received. Depending on what I'm making like potholders and scrubbies, I like to make sure they match the kitchen of the person I'm giving to. If I'm making something like thread crochet cross bookmarks I will make in the persons favorite color. When making afghans I try to use the persons favorite colors and ones that will match (their living room or bed room) if possible. Plus, I think the pattern makes all the difference. For instance I have searched for free potholder patterns on line and have found tons of them... most of which I would not make for myself, let alone as a gift for someone else. I hope that helps and sorry if it didn't lol
  12. Do you tag or label the things you make to either give as gifts or sell? Something that might say "Handmade by...", "Washing instructions...", or a price etc.? If so, how do you attach them? And do you make your own tags (by hand, computer or otherwise) or do you purchase them on line or at a local store? I'm asking mostly because I'm making these cotton potholders and they need special care like shaping and laying flat to dry. So far I have only used tags that attach by string, but I need to get more, so I thought I'd ask if and how everyone else does it.
  13. No, I never heard that song, but I'm guessing I would relate well to the fiddler too? lol
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