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    Traveling, Reading books, doing genealogy research
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    so far I have made a purse, amigurumi toys, baby hats, a baby blanket. I like working on any crochet project. If I didn't like it I wouldn't do it : )
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    since I was 13 or 14, about 1994
  1. I am looking for a mentor to help me with various things. To keep this post as short as possible and to the point. ~ I want to sell crochet items I make and start to create on Etsy and Ravelry but am not sure how to begin. ~ I would like help on how I can get into designing my own stuff. ~ How to get a simple method for pricing items ~ Help on submitting my crocheted works into publications. ~ How to start up a webpage or improve on my blog. I am serious about learning more and getting help. I don't have money for classes and don't want to get the run around from people. So if you are serious in helping a new person to the crochet business out. Please email me at Kate315125@aol.com or reply back to this post. Thank you.
  2. I like to dream big on possibly starting a crochet business. As of right now I have just been selling crocheted items to people I work with who request me to make them things. I have made a facebook crochet page that displays what I have crocheted and patterns from other crocheters and I have a blog I have started up on Tumblr, although I do not know much on how to have a good blog. I have signed up to Ravelry and Etsy but I don't have stores on those sites. My fear on starting a store is I have no idea on what I really need to have or do exactly to start one and also I work mostly on free patterns and patterns from other people, so I would have to sell items I make, not the pattern. I really don't know how well that would work out. I would like to start making my own patterns and I feel confident I could do it. I know I should take baby steps and work my way up to having a business by selling at the flea market or selling at a local craft show and creating more credibility and making a name for myself and building my skills. I just want to jump the gun, but I see this kinda thing takes progression.
  3. Love this sheep! I am so happy to see that you have posted it on the Crochetville forum. I have been looking through google images most of the afternoon trying to find a free sheep pattern. I'd find a picture I liked but the pattern was not offered or was on etsy to buy. I'd like to use this pattern to make a sheep for my nativity set. Thank you so much for posting it!
  4. Well I am glad I am not the only one that didn't understanding that portion of the pattern. What I first didn't get why you would start in the 15th sc of Row 16. Then just reading it again now it hit me you go around left to right. you do sc's across and in edge of upper then you begin working along the 5 rows of the toe, doing 2sc's through the 6th row. Then work around the other side. Sounds easy enough in reading right? Could be a pain in the butt to crochet through, I'll find out : )
  5. I'm sure some of you have done Amigurami toys for your children or because they are cute. I am crocheting an amigurami octopus for my little boy and in the instruction it has to leave a strand of yarn at the end when you are finished crocheting the legs I didn't know how I should sew it to the octopus body by the strand or to close the round opening at the end of the leg and sew in from there. And what should I use thread or yarn to sew the legs in. I want this to look good like in the books, everytime I sew something for crochet it looks stupid. If someone can tell me the best way to sew the legs in place that would be great. Thanks Lisa I.
  6. The book is Better Homes and Gardens Complete Book of Knitting Crochet & Embroidery. The pattern/ project is a patchwork jacket it is on pg. 205. It didn't say in the pattern how to work the dec, but when you wrote that in your post I looked back to the pages where it tells you how to do different stitches and for dc decreases they want you to do dc2 tog. SO, now I feel totally silly that I didn't realize that. They should have written it like that in the pattern. Thank you magiccrochetfan for your help on this
  7. I am working on a patchwork jacket that I saw in a Better Homes and Gardens book. In the motif I am working on the 1st row is 12 ch, and into 4th ch from hook 1dc, 1dc to end. turn. 2nd row is 3ch, dec 1, 1 dc into each dc to end. Turn. But then on the 3rd Row I am confused it has 3ch, 1dc into each dc to last 3dc,dec 1, 1dc into last dc. Turn. What I am doing is counting the last 3chs as a dc, so thinking of it that way I am stopping at the two actual dcs and the 3ch. So I am skipping the first dc and working 1dc into the middle dc and then I have that last dc (the 3ch) undone. Am I reading the instructions wrong or is it a mistake in the book. How should I do this row right? Please respond soon or send an email. Thank you. Lisa I.
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