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    Married 13 years, 2 sons, 2 dogs, LOVE to crochet & spend time w/ my family
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    CROCHET, reading, watching the STEELERS football games, family
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    Scarves, Baby Blankets, Afghans, Wash/Dish Cloths
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    October 2009
  1. What part of Pa are you from? I'm from the Pittsburgh area
  2. Thank you all so much!! It's not just helping me!!
  3. That sounds pretty, are you using different shades of purple or the same shade? My ravelry name is coppertop97
  4. thetokenlady, Oh thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!! THAT I actually understand!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. We have a Lab/Beagle mix her name is Lexi, she turned 4 this August. Hubby got me a Maltese earlier this year, another girl, she's a whopping 4 pounds & is 10 months old.
  6. Hello! I REALLY would like to make the Granny Stripes Attic24 afghan on ravelry (by Lucy of Attic24). It's written in UK terms, I have rewritten the pattern in US terms. BUT the problem is I CAN NOT figure out multiples!! She says that the starting chain is supposed to be made using "multiples of 3". I was BAD @ math in school, I'm no better @ it now. Does someone have a FULL PROOF, super easy does NOT seem like math way to figure out multiples? As soon as someone starts explaining it to me & it starts sounding like a math problem I stop paying attention. Is there a pla
  7. Hello everyone, my crochetville name is coppertop. I just joined today. I've been crocheting for a year this October. I LOVE it!! I have a decent amount of projects made, I also have a bunch of WIP's going though. My friends tease me that I suffer from "craft ADHD" I'm always starting new things up even though I'm working on 4 - 10 things already, I'll see something in a book/magazine/online & I just HAVE to try it!! The project I'm most proud of making is from the March/April Crochet Today magazine, the Swaddling Baby Blanket. I have been so afraid to try FPdc, but I fi
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