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  1. Hi Lisa.. I am just about the same as you.. maybe we can teach each other a little something.. :-)
  2. Thanks guys.. I have done a few blankets and afghans.. I think I have perfect the plain stitches.. with hats and fingerless gloves.. any words of wisdom for adding different stitches? I can use all basic stitches.. Just not from going from one stitch to another which I think would look awesome in some gloves and blankets..
  3. Welcome.. I am new as well.. except I did not knit either.. I am just super new.. Have a great time.. and remember just to have fun... :-)
  4. This is Mori.. Stopping in to say hi to everyone.. Yes I am brand new and honestly at a stand still with crochet.. I have never had anyone teach me and so it takes a little to push past the "Newbie" stuff.. I am a little better than that.. but NOT A LOT... I would appreciate any pointers or some one to kick me in the behind to go that step further.. :-)
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