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  1. I'm looking for cotton yarn (preferably Lily Sugar n Cream, solid colours) that ships from/to Canada. I am in BC and can only seem to find online sites that don't ship internationally. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks so much everybody, you're advice is exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you!!! My days of ripping out rows constantly are over, I just know it, hooray
  3. Hey that's an awesome idea, darah, thank you!
  4. I'll go check out her site, thanks! It's so aggravating eh? I want to be able to just make a hat without a certain pattern and be able to size it right...sheesh!
  5. I have a question on sizing hats when I'm given a head measurement. I go through the trouble of asking my friends to measure their child's head but then I'm at a loss on how to use that measurement when I'm starting the hat. I like to use my size H crochet hook and work in single, half double, and double crochets...does it differ with the different stitches? Argggg, I'm so frustrated with continuously ripping out my rounds when a hat comes out too big and just plain guessing that a hat will fit. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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