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    Currently South Jordan, UT
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  1. readstar

    A hat for the medieval faire

    Very cool!
  2. readstar

    One Free Knitting Pattern for Christmas

    Thanks so much, I got Gothic Lace!
  3. readstar

    Gardian Angel

    Absolutely Gorgeous!
  4. readstar

    Apron for wedding gift!

    That's a cute apron, and very cute fabric.
  5. readstar

    Magic the Card Game Case

    I think it looks just right!
  6. readstar

    Winner Selected: October Earrings Giveaway

    Guess what came in the mail today, and are therefore what I'm currently wearing! Thanks again, momcrochets! Pictures to follow, once I can figure out the camera.
  7. readstar

    My first blanket in progress...

    It's very pretty!
  8. readstar

    2012 North Carolina State Fair project

    That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!
  9. readstar

    Beginner With a Question!

    Are you getting horizontal ridges, like bookshelves, or are you getting vertical ridges, like fence posts? Please post a picture, and we'll be happy to help! Welcome to the 'ville!
  10. readstar

    Winner Selected: October Earrings Giveaway

    Thank you, those earrings are really adorable, and will go perfectly with a shirt I already own!
  11. readstar

    Winner Selected: October Earrings Giveaway

    Please! So cute!
  12. readstar

    crochet hooks on a plane

    I'm glad I saw this! I have to fly for work in October, and I think I'm going to take a project along.
  13. readstar


    When you knot in the fringe, leave it longer than what you want the finished fringe to be. Then once you have the whole side done, brush it all out flat and lay something kind of heavy about a half inch back from where you'll be cutting. Tha way you can cut it all to the same length in less cuts. Hope that helps.