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  1. I emailed the Houson Project Linus Chapter. With this: > Hello. I am curious to know if your chapter is needing > blankets to distribute to the evacuees of LA/Hurricane > Katrina. This is the response I got: Hi Laura, We have had lots and lots of people coming into Houston with more on the way, so I'm sure we can find a need for all the blankets that are sent our way. We are just now beginning to locate places where we can make deliveries. It looks like this will be on going for a while. Sally I'm thinking that if you want to send blankets for the kids, they would find a way to distribute them. I got the email from the main Project Linus website, there is an address there as well.
  2. The North Orange County California Chapter of Binky Patrol is run by a fellow pea (Pattye). Binky Patrol makes and delivers blankets to local hospitals and children's centers for babies and children in need. We all know how comforting a soft blanket to hug can be to a sick or frightened child, especially to those who have been traumatized. The North Orange County Chapter is working on a special project for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Volunteers are sewing and crocheting furiously for the Katrina survivors, but the need is great. The victims of this horrible disaster need a soft place to lie down and something of their own to cuddle for security. All blankets will be shipped directly to shelter sites and the blankets become the property of the victims, not the shelters. We need your help! We desperately need fabric, yarn, batting, thread and especially postage. If you would like to make blankets to send, please do so. Blankets can be sewn, knitted, crocheted or quilted. All that is asked it that no used blankets are sent. You may also send monetary donations payable to "Binky Patrol" so our chapter can buy the materials we need most. Please ask your friends, family, employers and schools to make a donation too. This is a great project to get children involved in. Let them raise funds to buy materials or even assist in making the blankets! All donations are tax-deductible. If you would like a tax receipt mailed to you, please include a note as to the value of the items you have donated and send along a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please mail your donations to: Binky Patrol - Katrina Relief 6596 E. Paseo Diego Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 USA Thank you for your kindness, support and generosity! North Orange County Binky Patrol Pattye Duffner - Chapter Coordinator Karen Carter - Hurricane Katrina Project Liason Phone: (714) 921-2482 Email: BinkyPatrol@superheavy.com http://www.binkypatrol.org
  3. If you put "Scrapbook" on any product it immediately becomes worth its weight in gold. As a scrapbooker it is sickening.
  4. Cathy (Emeraldmoon) is the BOMB! She sent me a fab package for the reveal package. I got a dress shaped crocheted towel, 4 skeins of novelty yarn, a package of Crystalites hooks, a rose sachet, hand cream, body creams, patterns for ponchos and purse, a journal/notebook that will be too cool to alter with my scrapbook supplies, a Pampered Chef cookbook, and a cool CD of an artist I wasn't familiar with previously, but will now keep in my van's CD player! Cathy, you Rock!
  5. From the clip I saw on the news it looked like a beach towel. From the pic you posted it definately looks knitted.
  6. My SP sent me an ecard asking if I've figured out who she is yet. I'm clueless, but can't wait. I mailed my reveal package out and hope my SP likes her things. Laura
  7. I'm 2 hours north of Springfield. Laura
  8. I'm about an hour east of Kansas City. :hook
  9. I got a package from my Secret Pal yesterday. What a wonderful find. I got a handmade doily, a handmade hook case (steppin' up from my pencil bag now, look out!), Mary Kay bubble bath, a flower candle, a notepad, a journal, a ball of cotton yarn and an afghan pattern. And the inside of the hook case:
  10. That is too cool! I can't wait for a pattern!
  11. Where do you keep your hooks? A round zippered pencil pouch I nabbed from dd. Do you block stuff? Only if made from wool Do you dream "in crochet"? no Biggest think you ever crocheted? afghan for my 6'2" brother Smallest? baby booties Where do you keep your WIPs? by the couch in a basket or plastic bins Do you make things for yourself? um, a hat and a scarf. that's it.
  12. I got a lovely hat and matching scarf from CrochetDiva/Andrea. It matches my warm winter coat perfectly and is so warm. Thanks Andrea. You can't tell in the picture (taken by my 7yo), but the hat is blue and black and constructed like a double knit hat. It's a boucle (I think) yarn and is very soft.
  13. Ahhh, I got an ecard from my secret pal. And I really needed it after spending yesterday afternoon and this morning in the doctor's office.
  14. I got 80%. I got the year wrong (I figured if Laura Ingalls did it then it had to be older, things did get around faster than I thought) and the steel hook sizes (I don't do thread crochet--yet). Laura
  15. Welcome Bev:welcome I love your site! I've used many of your patterns. Nice potholder, btw. Laura
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