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  1. The dresses I show are done with size 1 or 2 yarn. I have done some in size 10 thread but as you say, really hard on the eyes. I am working on a dress, booties and bonnet in size 1 fingering weight yarn with some embellisment in size 10 thread with beading. i hope it turns out. First time for everything.
  2. I aggree the patterns are great. Have a couple of dresses put away for showers and enough yarn to whip out about 5-6 more as needed. You can do so much with the dresses, change up the bodice color, ribbons etc.
  3. i have a question. I know that you string the beads on thread last bead first. What I need to know is the pattern i am going to do has you only string 3-4 rows at a time. How do you join the strands of beads after you finish the first strand?
  4. Thanks all for your input, sometimes I am not sure if what I make looks ok. Makes me feel good to know all you experienced crocheters thinks I'm doing ok. Get frustrated sometimes on how long it takes since it is hard for me sometime figuring out how to do the instructions as a leftie, maybe when I have more experience it will come a little easier.
  5. I like that one too, but don't like the decorations at the neckline either maybe make the sleeve edges like the bottom, a little shorter than the ones shown. I like the brown cape with belt and beaded neckline, may do that one next and the basketweave hat. Too many pretty things in the book.
  6. You are close to me in New London. Good weather for crocheting!!
  7. Come to think of it I used the bonnet pattern from another dress, just can't remember which one. I have about 5 or 6 of the dress patterns. Some I gave away without taking pix.
  8. Thanks, I finally had my friend try it on and it does need one every ch2, the pix confused me too, some of them look like everyone and some look like they skipped. I tore out what I did of the edging and am starting over, so if you want to do it, you won't have to do the trial error thing.
  9. When I bought the patterns it had a bonnet with it, they just have the most beautiful patterns, I have to struggle sometimes being a leftie and but the challenge is half the fun. Some of the patterns have booties, bloomers and headbands too. The top dress has a complete attached petticoat layer.
  10. I'm from southern California originally but moved to Nw London Wisonsin 5 years ago. Gotta love the winters!!!
  11. I posted some of the dresses i have done from crochetgarden in the show and tell forum under children and toddlers. Love the patterns on this website.
  12. Here are some of the dresses I have done from the crochet garden.com website. if you are into frilly dresses for little girls, they have beautiful patterns. You can find them at www.crochetgarden.com
  13. i love the dresses on the crochetgarden website. One of the dresses has roses around the neck arm edges and the bottom edge of the dress that you crochet in. It uses size 10 thread. it's called garden of lace and you can purchase the pattern from the crochetgarden.com website. I did this a few years ago, very pretty dress.
  14. I looked on her website buy no corrections, i have asked in the crochetme forum and emailed the authore from her site but no answer yet, I'm trying to finish this for a friend by next Sat.
  15. I'm looking to start the edging around the neck and left and right front. On the sleeves you sl st into each fpdc and shell so that with 8 shells and 8 fpdc you have 32 rows total to the edging for the size medium. So i needed to know if you sl st into each ch 2 before and after the shells or each ch2 within the shell or both, i can't tell from the pix in the book.
  16. i need to know of anyone knows if the instructions (sl into ch2 sp on row) for the edging on this pattern is suppose to be is in the ch2 spaces between each shell or the ch2 spaces in each shell or both? The last option would make it twice the work!!!
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