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  1. Hi there! I just have a question about a pattern I used recently for a tote purse that combined the technique of felting and the use of regular crochet. The pattern contained a crocheted wool top portion where the straps were to go (also the felted portion), then it proceeded into the body of the bag, a beautiful striped portion using regular worsted weight acrylic yarn. Bag was then to be felted in washer where only top part of course would felt. Well, the felted part on top came out tiny, too tiny, and caused the rest of the bag to crinkle, not looking the way the purse was to supposed to! Hmmm, what should I have done? I followed felting and crocheting techniques exactly. I removed the wool portion, seamed the top of the bag, and plan to try the wool again. Maybe not keep it in washer so long next time? Thank you!!
  2. Hello everybody! Just joined this great forum! I have been crocheting a tablecloth, fairly large, and have a way to go yet. I had ordered a specific thread for this project, the one that was recommended. Clark's Big Ball B345 crochet cotton cream colored, size #20. It turns out I received two different dye lots, one being slightly darker than the other but not realizing this until it was too late to exchange. I went ahead and ordered more, but received the darker dye lot. Now it seems as if it is discontinued. Manufacturer had no more of lighter dye lot. I love the lighter dye lot much better and want to know if it is possible to use a solution such as Oxy Clean or light bleach to soak the tablecloth, making it the same color when I am finished. It wouldn't have to be perfect, just not noticeable. I have already joined squares with lighter color, and have crocheted squares in darker cream color, but have not joined them. I just hope I am not wasting my time and that this is possible!
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