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  1. Hello everyone, here we go - the Christmas wreaths. I hope you enjoy 😀
  2. Very pretty! Thank you for sharing 😃
  3. Hello everyone, I realize I´m a season behind with this, but I wanted to share my fall/Halloween wreaths. We have a double door so I always need to create two wreaths. I´ll upload the Christmas ones later :-) I hope you like the wreaths.
  4. "Two", not "too" though sometimes two seems too many...😂
  5. Thanks for your gracious replies, I´m gald you guys like her 🙂 @Tampa Doll: That´s a great piece of advice, I´ll keep it in mind 🙂 @ Lila Hill: It took me a little more than a month, working in the evenings and now and again in the afternoons. I was not sure how long I would need and was surprised it went reasonably fast, even though there were a few things I had to do several times before they looked right... The face was one such problem, the other was the arms/shoulders. I usually leave a "hole" and the attach the arms seamlessly, but just like the face, this did not work for a doll this size. It looked like there were no shoulders at all - I had to add something that almost looked like an 80´s shoulder patch *rofl* Again, thanks for your replies! P.S: Our dogs have gotten used to her, thank goodness. But if I move the doll around they still get suspicious and bark. It´s quite hiliarious (we have too pugs...) and I already foresee my daughter "abusing" this 🙂
  6. Hi everyone, It´s been a while, but now I would like to share another project with you. My ten-year-old has been asking me to make a live-size crochet doll for her for more than a year. I did try before, but let´s just say the face that was the result looked a bit like Frankenstein´s newest creation and I eventually told her I could not do it. Now she asked me again for Christmas and I decided on the spot that I would try one more time (though I told her it was unlikely). Honestly, I had no idea how difficult it is to make such a big doll look friendly... I went with a bigger head this time and different eyes and now I think it turned out OK. Her head is a bit heavy as a result which is why she wears a scarf. She can go without it, too, but then she often looks at the floor ;-) Other than that I´m quite happy with her and I hope my daughter will like her. The doll wears clothes for 3-4-year-olds and I got the same outfit for my daughter in her size (everything down to the socks...) The little doll was an afterthought - I want to give it to my daughter first (because she realized I was making something for her), the big doll will be given to her later as a true surprise. So that´s the story that goes with this doll. Now my husband and I will live with her sitting in our bedroom until Christmas (my daughter knows she should not look around the corner and she won´t, she hates spoiled surprises). I just hope our dogs will stop barking at the doll soon ;-)
  7. Hi everyone, my daughter´s 8th birthday is coming up and since she´ll not celebrate at home for the first time (at a real castle instead ), I was a bit sad that I could not create many things for her party - until the lady who´ll do activities with the kids at the castle asked me to bring some sort of name tag. Buttons were no option because the kids will get to borrow dresses, so I came up with the crowns and I had a blast making them. Hope you enjoy!
  8. Thanks for all the comments! Snd yes, my little girl loves her basket
  9. It´s very pretty! And I guess you will display it more often than a painted egg, so well worth the effort
  10. Too cute! Love the arrangement
  11. Hello everyone, I have not posted in forever but now I would like to wish you all a Very Happy Easter and show you the easter basket I have made for my 7-year-old. It was a last minute decision (well, a "day-before-yesterday-decision")and I only finished it last night, so I have no empty picture at the moment I hope you like it.
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