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  1. belant

    My newest afghan - for ME !!!

    I love ripples, and yours is gorgeous!
  2. belant

    Cat scratched couch repair

    Probably the same reason why people grab the chips when there's a bowl of fruit nearby.
  3. belant

    My Moorish Mosaic Complete

    That's gorgeous! You did a great job on it.
  4. That's so funny! Cute kitty.
  5. belant

    Super Huge blanket labour of love

    That's absolutely gorgeous!!
  6. belant

    Crocheting Heresies

    LOL. I try not to be, but I majored in English.
  7. belant

    Crocheting Heresies

    ~I don't generally use Red Heart because I don't care for the texture. However, I also do know that it's good for some things and has many good qualities (wears like iron, is great for making toys, and has a great selection of colors, etc.) To each his or her own, I say! ~It drives me nuts when people put down other people's work in a mean way. Not just "knitting vs. crocheting" but fiber snobs, and project snobs. We have enough people who don't understand our craft without us turning on each other. While I don't necessarily like tp cozies, I know that someone worked hard to create one because they had a vision, and I appreciate that. ~It drives me nuts when people call it a crochet needle. I know it's referred to as a needle sometimes, but for pete's sake, it's a crochet HOOK!! ~I don't like crocheting in public because I hate it when people stare, or worse, pretend not to stare! I'm a NYer, and I don't generally welcome conversation from complete strangers on the subway. Sorry, but I'd rather read a book and save my crochet for an environment where I feel safe and comfortable. ~Another pet peeve is when people say they like to crochet dishclothes. Why would anyone want to dress a dish? It's dishcloths. That's all that comes to mind. Incidentally, I don't have a dishwasher. Not everyone does! But I also think crocheted dishcloths are too thick. I prefer knitted. Go figure!
  8. belant

    Mary Janes for Me.

    I made myself a similar pair. Very cute. Where in the Bx are you from?
  9. belant

    Wooly Bullies

    This "mockumentary" is quite funny... Enjoy!
  10. belant

    I made Hookjunkys' colorful hat.....

    Very cute hat!
  11. belant

    Can't even start

    Tiga, BEAUTIFULLY stated!! Once you start worrying about other's people opinions, it'll take all the joy out of crochet. I'm actually an acrylic lover, and proud to say it! Which doesn't mean I don't like the more luxurious yarns... I just know that yarn choice is personal. We each have our own tastes, budgets, likes and dislikes. So pick up a ball of soft, pretty yarn and a hook, and get to it!
  12. belant

    Woman Makes Sweater From Cat's Fur

    This really doesn't strike me as odd or even icky. After all, wool is animal fur...
  13. belant

    Hearts & Diamonds Throw

    I love those bright, beautiful colors!
  14. belant


    I'm in the US, so I can't vouch for their international service, but I have ordered from them and their service is generally "okay." I've had some issues with rudeness from one of their customer service folks, but in general, no problems. I usually order from http://www.knitting-warehouse.com. They're wonderful, but I don't know if they do international deliveries. Good luck! Show us your stash when it arrives.
  15. belant

    Cut off remaining chain

    I've actually done this, since I usually make my starting chain a little longer that it should be, since my starting chains have a tendency of coming up short. I cut off the slip knot, carefully unravel the extra chains, then pull the extra yarn through the loop nearest the first chain that you crocheted through, as you would do when you finish off your work. It stays nice and secure, and I've never had any problems. Hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you need to.