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    Can you help?

    Ok, I will get to work and see what I can do for you!
  2. Rua8420

    Can you help?

    I can help. What sizes do they need? I make alot of baby hats. Do they need any toddler sized things? Let me know!
  3. Hi, My husband thinks I should start selling things that I crochet instead of just putting them on the shelf. I am having a hard time knowing what I can and can't sell though. I don't have any patterns of my own yet, I just use and sometimes slightly modify ones I find online. Some of the patterns I have come across tell weather or not I can sell them so I understand those. My problem is with published pattern books. My husband thinks that because I bought the book that I can do whatever with the patterns. I don't think that is quite right. The book of patterns I most want to make is a Vanna Choice book by Lion Brand. In the book itself it says nothing about selling what I make. The only thing is says is that you can't distribute the patterns in anyway. I'm confused. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am interested in starting a new Crochet Guild of America chapter in southeastern Wisconsin. I know there is one in Madison but that is too far for me to drive. Would anyone be interested in joining/helping to get it off the ground? It would probably be in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine counties somewhere. Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks, Nicki
  5. Awesome! I will definitly have some for you soon!
  6. Would any amigurum animals be of any use? Maybe for older children? My daughter loves all the stuffies I make for her so maybe a little one would too?