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  1. Ok, I will get to work and see what I can do for you!
  2. I can help. What sizes do they need? I make alot of baby hats. Do they need any toddler sized things? Let me know!
  3. Hi, My husband thinks I should start selling things that I crochet instead of just putting them on the shelf. I am having a hard time knowing what I can and can't sell though. I don't have any patterns of my own yet, I just use and sometimes slightly modify ones I find online. Some of the patterns I have come across tell weather or not I can sell them so I understand those. My problem is with published pattern books. My husband thinks that because I bought the book that I can do whatever with the patterns. I don't think that is quite right. The book of patterns I most want to make is a Vanna Choice book by Lion Brand. In the book itself it says nothing about selling what I make. The only thing is says is that you can't distribute the patterns in anyway. I'm confused. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am interested in starting a new Crochet Guild of America chapter in southeastern Wisconsin. I know there is one in Madison but that is too far for me to drive. Would anyone be interested in joining/helping to get it off the ground? It would probably be in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Racine counties somewhere. Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks, Nicki
  5. Would any amigurum animals be of any use? Maybe for older children? My daughter loves all the stuffies I make for her so maybe a little one would too?
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