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    I'm just a southern girl, who loves her family, good food, the outdoors, and her crafts.
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    The most southern state of Mississippi.
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    corchet, cross sitch, camping, running, fishing, cooking, reading.
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    stay at home mom!
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    i love afghans the bigger the better, but im trying to branch out with new projects.
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    since i was about 8 in 1993, so about 13 yrs.
  1. Actually I'm feeling bad about making the afghan in the first place. I really had no idea that colors and symbols could be trademarked and if I did I wouldn't have made it. I've always thought if something is trademarked and you used it, its just like going into a store and stealing something. My friend, who is an attorney, advised that my father-in-law actually needs to stop talking about the blanket because, like Amy said, most franchises will turn a blind eye to a blanket you made but some will not. She had a client who cross stitched a huge MSU picture and had it on her blog and not only did MSU threaten legal action but also the frim who advertises for MSU. So needless to say people, be VERY careful using colors and logos.
  2. Thanks Amy. I really don't see why people would be upset with you for your advice. I'm like you said I would rather find out before I put time, effort and money into a project that it wasnt legal rather than after. But I am, probley after Christmas going to try and get a cottage license or some type of permission. But thank you for your advice and all the work you do on the site.
  3. Thank you all for your advice but Amy is correct. I talked to a friend who is a lawyer and she said all nfl teams have franchise over colors and symbols. She said if I made the afghan it would, by any person be construed as the Saints team and would open myself up to possible legal action, which I deffintly don't . Also I can apply for permission to use the colors and logo but for every afghan I make I would have to send a part of the money to the Saints. So needless to say a lot of Dr.s are going to be very disappointed and me to. I could have used that money. But live and learn.
  4. Last year I made my father-in-law an afghan. He's a huge Saints fan so I made him a black afghan with a big gold fleur de lie in the middle. I went back and made smaller fleur de lie's and put them all over the afghan. Its beautiful I really need to take some pictures. Well my dilemma is my Father-in-law works at the hospital in New Orleans, the team uses and has shown the blanket to some of the other Dr's and now they are offering me quite a bit to make them one. Now I came up with the design myself and I don't have the team name on it, but it does have the colors and symbol. So Im asking for advice on 1. should I make the Dr's one and 2 will it be safe to. I have looked up nfl guidelines and all I could find was I couldn't use the name with out permission but nothing on the colors or symbol. I'm just weary cause I don't want to get into any trouble but one the other hand they are offering me a good bit of money.
  5. I live right below Meridian and would love to meet some other local corcheters.
  6. Thank you so much. I will deffintly try that. My goofy self thought for some reason to use spray started and just keep shapeing it with my hands. Not a good idea at all.
  7. After years of afghan making I decided to try my hand using thread and do some Christmas ornaments. They turned out pretty good for my first time, but the problem is I don't know how to starch. After ruining 12 bells I'm here for help. The question is 1 what do I use to starch and 2 how do I get the bell to hold its shape?
  8. Hi everyone, I found this site searching the web today and am so excited I did. I'm a stay at home mom with 3 little girls and I just love crocheting! I mostly do afghans (the bigger the better) but I'm trying to branch out and try new couched designs.
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