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  1. OMG...how funny!! Cute set, Jackie, and your son is a doll!! Laurie:hook
  2. Thanks Roli and Jackie! Actually I think you could make a crochet version using AJ's pattern in the round and just make it much larger with a longer handle. Before felting, my bag was almost 3 ft long and about 2 feet wide laid out flat. The handle was about 40" long. I was really worried the bag wouldn't felt down enough, but it did! I ended up putting it through 3 cycles in the wash on hot, but more to get the stitches to disappear. I shrunk ALOT during the first cycle and probably shrunk a little more during the second. The third cycle was more for good measure and to get it felted a little more. This was actually the second Lucy I have made. I followed the pattern exactly on the first one, and it came out a little small for my taste, so I gave that one to my mom. The second one I increased the stitch count by 1/4 (120 up to 160 stitches around and 100 up to 125 rows in height after the base was done and I started up the sides) except for the handle which remained the same as the original pattern. I really sort of winged it and hoped for the best! Laurie
  3. Sorry to be so long in replying. The turtle is indeed all crocheted. It is the Baby Misty turtle pattern from a while back out of one of the crochet magazines...Perhaps Crochet World? Sorry I can't lay my hands on the pattern right now and can't remember for sure! Thanks again for all the compliments! Laurie:hook
  4. Here is the Lucy bag I started over a year ago, took a year-long hiatus and finally got it back out and finished it this week! It is knitted, but I love the way it turned out! I used Auricania Nature Wool and Trendsetter Joy carried along for two rows every so often. I could very easily be done in crochet! Laurie:hook
  5. For the afghan, I used Bernat baby coordinates in all the colors seen, and for the turtle, I used TLC baby. I was really happy with the way they came out! I also crocheted, stuffed and sewed the little ball cap to the turtle to make it look a little more boyish looking, and I embroidered the facial details instead of using buttons which were called for in the pattern. Laurie
  6. My nephew, Brody, arrived on February 28, and here is what I made for him! Laurie:hook
  7. Regina, you are amazing! Love the BBQ wrap! Laurie:hook
  8. I agree with some of the others, Donna. Instead of stressing yourself and worrying about if everyone will come to class with their supplies, I would up the price of the class and provide the materials myself. That way you KNOW they have what they need...no excuses! I would probably pick one color and provide everyone with the same so no fighting over different colors or whatever... Laurie:hook
  9. CPC is working fine for me! Laurie:hook
  10. Thanks Kristie - Your caterpillar is just precious!! Laurie:hook
  11. I definitely take a project or something crochet related everywhere I go! I don't always get to work on anything, but I hate to sit with nothing to do, so I always leave the house prepared! Laurie:hook
  12. Gorgeous bag, Jackie!! Just beautiful! Laurie:hook
  13. Blown away once again, Kathy! Your new doily is spectacular! Laurie:hook
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