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  1. Several years ago, I decided to write a crochet stitch dictionary. One of the first few stitches I discovered at the time was an easy Tunisian crochet mesh stitch. I say "discovered" rather than "designed" because the stitch is sooooo easy and basic that I am sure others must have also discovered and used it before I ever stumbled across it. It's basically just afghan stitch alternated with yarnovers. The results are really pretty, and the stitch just flies off your hook once you get comfortable working it. It also doesn't use much yarn, and drapes beautifully. Anyway, I fell SO in love w
  2. I realize this is an old thread I'm replying to -- so hopefully you already found your answer to this! But yes, you can usually overdye cotton yarn to get a better color.
  3. Hi Lesa! Hi Maureen! Nice to "meet" you both. Welcome!
  4. Hi Mimi! Nice to "meet" you! Welcome!
  5. Hi RenRen4! Welcome! Nice to "meet" you! I crochet and knit, too. I usually crochet more often -- but lately, my daughter keeps finding knitting patterns she likes, so I will have to break out the knitting needles soon.
  6. Thank you so much for the info! I didn't know that. Wow. I guess I have a whole bunch of link updating to do at my website. Yikes.
  7. Hi! Welcome! I am so glad you decided to give crochet a try. It's great that you have a co-worker who crochets! How lovely!
  8. Hi Darryl! Nice to "meet" you. Heheh, what a fun introduction to crochet! I wish you all the best with the kits. Is it at all possible to get the kids involved with helping you? I learned to crochet at maybe around 6, because my Great Aunt put a crochet hook and yarn in my hands and taught me. My mom was forever grateful to her for that -- it kept me busy for HOURS upon hours! Just a thought! Either way, I'm glad you decided to give crochet a try! I can almost guarantee your first project is turning out better than my first project did when I was a kid! LOL!
  9. Hi SandraE! Nice to "meet" you. Welcome! :)
  10. Wow, that's spectacular! It looks amazingly cohesive considering all the different stitches and techniques that are incorporated. Impressive work!
  11. This cowl works up super fast because it's crocheted with one of the new jumbo yarns. Enjoy! http://knittingandcrochet.net/accessories/scarf-patterns/quick-easy-jumbo-crochet-cowl-free-pattern/
  12. This cute beanie style baby hat is a quick crochet project that's easy enough for total beginners. It's a unisex project that works equally well for baby boys or girls -- great for quick baby shower gifts. http://knittingandcrochet.net/baby/easy-ribbed-crochet-baby-hat-pattern-for-beginners/
  13. My latest blog post is a giveaway for a couple of brand new, beautiful crochet pattern books. If you'd like to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on the post on or before July 19 at midnight Eastern time. Bunches of other bloggers are also doing giveaways, so you have multiple chances to win. Best wishes to everyone! edited to add: the giveaway is open internationally too.
  14. What a creative idea. Those turned out beautiful!
  15. That's absolutely gorgeous! Glad I got a chance to see it. I always enjoy checking out collaborations like this.
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