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  1. Hey Rubik, Im also in the UK and had the same problem as you to start with. I actually prefer the american terms now as they make more sense to me! They describe the stitch better! I have to concentrate when using a british pattern. Anyway I just wanted to say stick with it cos it does get easier and good luck with the baby when he/she arrives.
  2. I use a fabric stiffener that I dilute slightly to make it go further! I got it from my local craft shop and it comes in liquid form. I also agree that the diluted glue would work just as well! I like to put really fine glitter on my snowflakes, so I put a little bit in the mixture. Good luck with your snowflakes.
  3. I like it with the hearts like that, I think you should sew them on! Then you could make a whole scarf from the hearts....lots of them sewn together like that!!! The possibilities and combinations are endless!!!
  4. Ok, Im weird too because that make total sense to me too!
  5. That is beautiful! My best friend would just love it, as she is mad on Audrey Hepburn. I dont think I would have the patience to do anything as complicated! Im sure your daughter will love it!
  6. I refuse to buy the mass produced shop bought rubbish lol! I made my daughter a panda hat for her birthday and I had the mum of one of her friends approach me this morning asking if I could make one for her daughter as she had put it on her christmas list (with directions to ask me ha ha). So my kids are great for advertising! I suppose it depends on whats in fashion, the age they are at and the peer pressure is always unavoidable! She will come round in the end, and she will remember that mum always knows best!
  7. Wow, thats so cool! Well done for your inspired creativity, I love it!
  8. Hi Carlinda, I love this pattern and its at the top of my to get list! It is so cute!
  9. Aw wow, my best friend would love this! Where did u get the graph?
  10. Did you charge your friend for the original hats? She may have inadvertantly done you out of a sale while singing your praises to her friends! Could you not use your stash to make up the hats, it seems quite expensive to buy 4 new skeins and only use part for a toddler hat. People really do expect something for nothing these days, they just dont take into account your time and supplies and with 4 colours all the ends to finish off lol! Places like walmart have a lot to answer for. Is sounds to me like you are better off without the sale, customers like that can just be a nightmare. Just chalk it up to experience and put it in the past, its just not worth worrying about.
  11. clairymary

    Petie Penguin

    He's one of my favourites, I love the simplicity of the pattern. I have made a few of these they get addictive lol!!! I love yours, so cute!
  12. In my case can I just add, NEVER take your children along as "little helpers!" My son unfortunately had to come with me on my last one as he was too ill to go swimming with his siblings, and he undersold items, he was constantly adjusting the table and if people picked things up to look at he practically took it from their hands as they were returning it to "arrange" it!!! Then when he heard someone say my things were overpriced (which they arent lol!) he loudly complained to me about what the lady had said!!! I was actually relieved when his dad picked him up and I got some peace! My kids are very proud and overprotective about my crochet but this day he took it to the extreme lol! I also wanted to say I take a variety of things in different price brackets as not everyone has the money to buy higher priced items so this year I have lower priced things like bookmarks, keyrings and bracelets as well as amigurumi, hats, blankets and bags which cost slightly more from me. And I agree with all the above comments, table cloths, lots of change, and I also put the table fee separate so I know I have it to hand and available if needed as there is nothing worse than scrambling around to get it together and I try to pay it upfront to get it out of the way. Sorry for my rambling and I hope you sell loads and are really successful with all your craft shows! Best of luck.
  13. Wow, Im impressed. I wish my daughter would show more of an interest but hopefully it will come with age!!! Not sure I would like sharing my stash though ha ha ha!!!
  14. Only 1 project at a time for me and if I dont like what Im working on I have something I really want to make lined up as my next project and that drives me on to complete whats on my hook. If I had more than one project on the go then I know for a fact there would be a growing amount of half finished projects hidden throughout my stash lol.
  15. Wow this is a amazing find and totally suitable for a forces blanket! Im bookmarking this one for future reference!
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