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  1. Lovely can't wait to have a go at one of these
  2. This is really nice just looking into doing my first ever c2c
  3. Omg!!! I am so sorry to have wasted your time!!!! It says pull a long loop!!!! Not pull along a loop!! Ok now it makes sense!!! Note to self read patterns properly!!!! It's been one of those days!!! Thankyou so much for taking the time to help me anyway xx Thanks again :) xx
  4. Thankyou for replying It's a pattern I paid for a shifio pattern so I am not sure I can post it on here? I've tried just carrying the yarn along as I normally do when I use two colours, but because its a type of shell pattern it looks wrong Thankyou x Any more thoughts you have would be most helpful, thankyou x
  5. Please help! Im working on a pattern for my soon to arrive granddaughter, She is due to arrive in about 14 weeks My pattern says "pull along a loop" Does this mean carry the yarn along behind as I work? The pattern states"pull along a loop as we work back across with the main yarn" Any help would be much appreciated xx I have never come across a pattern with this terminology before ! Xx
  6. Thanks so much for the help all sorted and I'm away Thank you both xx
  7. Hi Im pretty sure I can do a treble crochet, but I've just got myself a new pattern which requires a double treble! Could someone please tell me what the difference is between a treble crochet and a double treble crochet? Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks xx
  8. Hi all My Daughter is due to have her first baby in about 3 weeks, (our first Grandchild:cheer) I have been crocheting some things, blankets, cardigans booties etc but I have just come across diaper cakes here on the ville;) I'd love to know more about them, does any one know of a step by step or pattern:think Many Thanks in advance:hook
  9. Being 2 clues behind because of not being able to crochet with a bad wrist, I have decided to drop out of this CAL and find another Afghan to make with my colours as I'm just not 'feeling' this Afghan:( Sorry:(
  10. Here's one I made for Christmas for some good friends of mine, it's double bed size:hook
  11. I made this for some good friends of mine for Christmas, although I haven't sent it yet:blush It covers a double bed:hook
  12. Happy Birthday to Braxxi:bday Got a pic of my squares:hook
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