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  1. newtocrochet1976

    All C’ville Totes and Owners 11/2006 -- 11/2017

    These are all just beautiful can't choose a favourite !
  2. newtocrochet1976

    C’ville August 2014 Tote

    Congratulations nana Tampa doll you are so very talented Lovely bag, I can't believe you have made 101 of them now! Wonder how long each one takes you?!!
  3. newtocrochet1976

    completed 1st blanket!

    Great looking blanket
  4. newtocrochet1976

    Sunshine and Shadow lapghan

    Fantastic colours
  5. newtocrochet1976

    No Rhyme nor Reason C2C Afghan

    Lovely can't wait to have a go at one of these
  6. newtocrochet1976

    granny c2c ghan for toddler or baby

    This is really nice just looking into doing my first ever c2c
  7. newtocrochet1976

    pull along a loop?

    Omg!!! I am so sorry to have wasted your time!!!! It says pull a long loop!!!! Not pull along a loop!! Ok now it makes sense!!! Note to self read patterns properly!!!! It's been one of those days!!! Thankyou so much for taking the time to help me anyway xx Thanks again :) xx
  8. newtocrochet1976

    pull along a loop?

    Thankyou for replying It's a pattern I paid for a shifio pattern so I am not sure I can post it on here? I've tried just carrying the yarn along as I normally do when I use two colours, but because its a type of shell pattern it looks wrong Thankyou x Any more thoughts you have would be most helpful, thankyou x
  9. newtocrochet1976

    pull along a loop?

    Please help! Im working on a pattern for my soon to arrive granddaughter, She is due to arrive in about 14 weeks My pattern says "pull along a loop" Does this mean carry the yarn along behind as I work? The pattern states"pull along a loop as we work back across with the main yarn" Any help would be much appreciated xx I have never come across a pattern with this terminology before ! Xx
  10. newtocrochet1976

    double treble?

    Thanks so much for the help all sorted and I'm away Thank you both xx
  11. newtocrochet1976

    double treble?

    Hi Im pretty sure I can do a treble crochet, but I've just got myself a new pattern which requires a double treble! Could someone please tell me what the difference is between a treble crochet and a double treble crochet? Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks xx
  12. newtocrochet1976

    Diaper cake?

    Hi all My Daughter is due to have her first baby in about 3 weeks, (our first Grandchild:cheer) I have been crocheting some things, blankets, cardigans booties etc but I have just come across diaper cakes here on the ville;) I'd love to know more about them, does any one know of a step by step or pattern:think Many Thanks in advance:hook
  13. newtocrochet1976

    2012 Bernat Mystery CAL and KAL

    Being 2 clues behind because of not being able to crochet with a bad wrist, I have decided to drop out of this CAL and find another Afghan to make with my colours as I'm just not 'feeling' this Afghan:( Sorry:(
  14. newtocrochet1976

    Any Afghan CAL

    Here's one I made for Christmas for some good friends of mine, it's double bed size:hook
  15. newtocrochet1976

    Christmas Ghan

    I made this for some good friends of mine for Christmas, although I haven't sent it yet:blush It covers a double bed:hook