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  1. Is anyone else working on this? I've just started mine for the weigh loss cal:hook
  2. I'm still having abit of trouble with this. Could someone tell me what rounds 6,7 and 8 should say when you add on the DC's ? Hope that makes sense:blush Thanks in advance:hook
  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer:D I have pm'd you:D
  4. Thank you for putting on this pattern, this is my first round ripple and I am enjoying doing it, I'm doing Red,Green and Gold as a present for my Mum for Christmas. I have a question though, if you don't mind? (I have got to the bit where you have to do extra DC when written in Red) mine is starting to get abit gathered,( ruched up) will this work it's self out as it gets bigger or have I done something wrong? Any thoughts would be much appreciated:hook many thanks:blush
  5. I'm 34 and have just taught myself how to Crochet, and I love it, much easier than knitting I find, I always drop stitches when knitting:lol
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