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  1. Caught the freeform virus again, and made another neckwarmer. I love the way it turned out! The motifs are based on motifs from Duplet magazine, a russian crochet magazine. A blog post about this proces is to be found on www.bizzyhands.nl
  2. I have a friend, who gave me a bag full of yarn. I made flowers and leaves, and united them to this neckwarmer. For the cold days, i made a matching headband. If you are interested in the proces of making this neckwarmer, it can be found on www.bizzyhands.nl
  3. Some of the patterns i did, are on my blog: bizzyhands.com. The charts can be downloaded. More russian crochet can be found on picasaweb.
  4. There are patterns to the separate pieces, but the whole pillow is not a pattern, i just crocheted them together.
  5. A while ago i started to tackle the Russian motifs from Duplet magazine. It took time, tears and frogging, but i finally got the hang of it:) I used the try-out motifs to make 2 pillow covers for my daughter. Here are the results. This is the first one. The second one. The back is a lovely netting pattern from Duplet Irish Crochet issue. I'm very happy and proud of the result!
  6. Thinking outside the box with yarn & colors:)
  7. The second front of my freeform pillowcover is finished! The idea to use only spirals worked out nicely! The back will be crocheted in plain green using dc. Then finish the cover with a round of crabstitches around the borders.
  8. I just finished the front of a freeform pillowcover for my daughter. The backside will be in olivegreen only. The second one is in the making.
  9. Thank you for the compliment! There is no pattern, i'm just winging it, like you said. I have some books of Prudence Mapstone: Freeform: Serendipitous Design Techniques for Knitting & Crochet - 2nd Edition and from Jenny Dowde: Free Formations and Surface works. They are really good books to get started!
  10. Thank you for the compliment! It took me 3 weeks to make it.
  11. Thank you for the compliment! I saw freeform on Ravelry, and was smitten with it. I got some books, and just started. But i think my succes mostly is due to the fact, that my left brain is non-existent:) I live very intuitivlly, and so is my art.
  12. I made this cardigan for my granddaughter. She's 3 years old, and all into PINK. I'm over the moon with the result, because it's only my 3rd freeform piece. I love the combination of crochet and knitting.
  13. My second freeform project is ready! It's a mostly crocheted cowl in various pink colors. The fun of it was using different yarn, such as eyelash, and integrating beads. More photos at:
  14. Thank you all for the compliments! However, freeform, doesn't have a pattern, if i had to make it again, it wouldn't be the same.
  15. Thank you for the compliment! It took me 2 months to make it.
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