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    Married, blessed auntie to 3 :)
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    White Plains, NY
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    Crochet, Etsy, Cycling, Painting, Photography
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    Scarves, hats, etc for our local ladies Shelter
  1. Dahlia625

    New Hampshire Anyone?

    Manchester, NH hookers please let me know whether there are any groups that meet-up to Crochet in the area. Thank you!!
  2. Wondering whether any Crochetville members will be meeting up at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool festival, 10/19th I'm going (first time) with a few of the ladies from my Stitch & Bitch. We're sooooo excited!!!
  3. Dahlia625

    What's your current project?

    Very nice! I'm making Summer bags, totes, market, etc.
  4. Dahlia625

    New to Crochetville

    Welcome! I recently learned basic Tunisian too.
  5. Dahlia625

    "Magic" Slippers

  6. Dahlia625

    Ideas plz for meaningful gift

    Thank you ladies!! The round ripple might take me longer then most to make...the lap ghan is a cool idea too. It is true she will love anything...
  7. Dahlia625

    A New Crochetville Resident!

    Hello & welcome!! You will find inspiration here!! I'm currently making a bunch of market tote bags which seem to be a hit with all my friends..they all want one!
  8. for a friend of mine's mom who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (@ an early stage) which is a devastating disease. Anyway, I want to make something that may be of comfort to her. If I stitched fast I'd make a shawl but I don't. I appreciate all ideas.
  9. Dahlia625

    Anybody in or from new york

    I'm in White Plains, NY...if you're in the area (visiting or residing) and would like to join or visit my Stitch & Bitch just lmk. We meet every Friday 1-3 in White Plains.
  10. Dahlia625

    Hi from New Hampshire!!!

    from NY! I <3 NH!! We recently visited Portsmouth...
  11. Dahlia625

    Hi from PA!

    welcome from NY!
  12. Dahlia625

    Hi from MA;)

  13. Dahlia625

    Hello Everyone

    wow, that's quite a change...I hope it works as planned!
  14. Dahlia625