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    Married, blessed auntie to 3 :)
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    White Plains, NY
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    Crochet, Etsy, Cycling, Painting, Photography
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    Scarves, hats, etc for our local ladies Shelter
  1. Manchester, NH hookers please let me know whether there are any groups that meet-up to Crochet in the area. Thank you!!
  2. Wondering whether any Crochetville members will be meeting up at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool festival, 10/19th I'm going (first time) with a few of the ladies from my Stitch & Bitch. We're sooooo excited!!!
  3. Very nice! I'm making Summer bags, totes, market, etc.
  4. Welcome! I recently learned basic Tunisian too.
  5. Thank you ladies!! The round ripple might take me longer then most to make...the lap ghan is a cool idea too. It is true she will love anything...
  6. Hello & welcome!! You will find inspiration here!! I'm currently making a bunch of market tote bags which seem to be a hit with all my friends..they all want one!
  7. for a friend of mine's mom who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (@ an early stage) which is a devastating disease. Anyway, I want to make something that may be of comfort to her. If I stitched fast I'd make a shawl but I don't. I appreciate all ideas.
  8. I'm in White Plains, NY...if you're in the area (visiting or residing) and would like to join or visit my Stitch & Bitch just lmk. We meet every Friday 1-3 in White Plains.
  9. from NY! I <3 NH!! We recently visited Portsmouth...
  10. wow, that's quite a change...I hope it works as planned!
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