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  1. I like it and the photo:clap . I’d take the photo and photo shop the eyes (brighten and remove the red eye reflection) enlarge to a poster size picture with an ornate gold frame the add it to your exhibits. Something like this(clickable)
  2. The more stores like these the better, but it looks to me like they are starting off on the wrong foot in your area. Old time cash register in a new store, I know Tampa Doll would have taken that comment as an insult to her intelligence. I know when she goes into the local Michaels or Joanns with her 50 or 70% off coupon for that .79 cent button (even though I always remind her now that’s off the Retail price) she expects that full discount. I see more complaints coming on this store, but not any more then the others, that’s why I generally sit out in the car listening to a sports talk show. We men never complain about nothing. j/k lol .
  3. I like the show and think I remember seeing that afghan also in a show from last year,Dr. McDreamy was sitting in the rocking chair in the nursery and noticed an afghan on the back of the chair. I like this show but envy George the most as he gets to live with a house full of aggressive warm fun girl doctors. I laughed when they piled into his bed during the last episode because they needed some brotherly comfort and understanding with man problems, but after all is said and done he is a man and just has to ask “well does anybody want sex? lol
  4. lol well at least vicki didn't say that they would cook their goose and send it back. lol
  5. mimicat: That is one great looking doily I would put it in an area where everyone could see it with a small note beside it saying “needs vase with a dozen red roses to complete†maybe someone will take the hint and they will appear by Valentines Day
  6. Don’t know if this is a help (clickable) I think I graphed this to a 90 by 120 afghan size Tampa Doll could explain better
  7. Tampa Guy


    Hi from Tampa Fl.
  8. Hello from Tampa I like your name tag crazydaisy
  9. I just must comment that at first I was in shock… .then frightened… .. then curious… .then interested… .then amused… ... .then mesmerized… .and now fully under the control of the VLA I always liked Ocula from Small Soldiers and did keep a small toy replica of it on my work desk for years. I think I also have unconscious fascination for single eye ball things. I must get Tampa Doll to make something like this although she is a little squeamish of this request. You are creative talented and your blog is and amazing. I salute you and the VLA
  10. Beautiful back in 1955 I had a pair of Box Toe “Blue Swede Shoes†Me and Elvis were a Rocking and a Rollin
  11. It’s nice to see another spoiled happy Husband Great Job.
  12. Yes a cigar smoken Papa Bear I made cigar out of a pipe cleaner but Tampa Doll (Mary Jo) said “all must be crotched†I like it better:) (clickable)
  13. Well look what I found in my play room this morning (clickable) Can a crocheting mama bear be far behind?
  14. MommaChelle You are one of my favorite Crochetville Crochet Designer Artist your designs and posts always make me smile.
  15. I have never heard of a mobus strip, but I must say from a male prospective I find it alluring........ good work
  16. I like it, It's making me hungry. Can I get some home fries with that
  17. Katchkan you are an Artist....so far the Sapphire Enchantment #9 Opal pineapple rose doily #4 Are my favorites, of course it’s hard to choose they are all great. I see projects for Mary Jo in the future. lol
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