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  1. That is just beyond … well I don’t know exactly what… but it is definitely beyond something…but coming from your creative mind not a surprise. . Every once and awhile since the human experience, (or experiment lol), has started along comes a creative “Anomaly†and I feel you are that for your generation. And what a mom you are, tell your daughter that that picture has just created more unforgettable memories for her that surely some day she will be telling her grandkids Something like around the year 2066 “I remember one time back in “06†my mother asked me to model a big piece of crafted bacon. Why you ask? Well it’s just part of a very long story. But you can ask her yourself… she is in the studio designing :knitsomething :cturkey new, and by the way take this camera with you lol "
  2. My Happy Care Bear(clickable) Why I’m a Happy Care Bear I’m mostly fudge brown hmmmm yummy I’m one of a kind I’m well stuffed I’m crocheted in thread by Tampa Doll I’m going to sit next to Grumpy and just be happy lol Here I am with my eyelashes added Now off to find my (DW) Grumpy Care Bear
  3. I do like my desk toys of which Mary Jo keeps me well supplied. But I have asked only one requirement for my “Happy†Care Bear and it must have a manly :boxcolor:slingshot of dark brown for the body. lol I’m patiently waiting as I was told dark brown in thread #10 is hard to get, but I see a package has arrived.
  4. Your creativity is amazing and inspiring, but alas the most creative thing I will be doing today is cutting the grass. lol
  5. Very Nice I remember back, way back, when I was in 2nd grade we made as a class project mother’s day paper flowers made from craft paper. I’m sure it was a wonder to behold but of course as Moms do it was her favorite. lol I like when a crochet crafter looks at a pattern and sees something attractive and appealing, and then they look in into their imaginative artistry and see an added touch that makes it unique and one of a kind . I’m sure your mom will like that personal touch of yourself you added to her gift.
  6. Looks Good… ...but I sort of feel guilty now... because we had sea food pasta tonight
  7. Why thanks for that complement lol Actually I like to help Mary Jo with the computer forum access and picture stuff as she does not like to do those types of activities. I have learned that when she is happy I’m happy and when she is upset I’m upset. We have learned to help each other and get involved in each others hobbies. She became a Ham Operator (N2AJG) because Amateur Radio was one of my hobbies. (WA2VHR) Now she doesn’t smoke cigars but she does go into the cigar stores with me, When people are happy, giving, trusting and loving you can reach 35 years together.
  8. Congrats on your first. Who cares if you think it is ugly or you made up parts. That is why it makes it yours. I think we all have at times either missed a part, made up a part, or just thought it was ugly when it was done. This is Tampa Doll talking. Forgot to log out Tampa Guy. Will do so now.
  9. Cool Hat I love seeing women in cool hats I'm sure you will get many good comments while wearing that hat.
  10. Great story, great pictures, great presentation, great work, and also great teenager Why a great teenager well inspiration, it’s obvious he provide the inspiration to motivate you into a response, and you could have strangled or hugged him with more crocheted creativity I think you chose well lol
  11. Looks great and has some history, (1992) plus sentimental value attachment. I would make it an heirloom piece to hand down to someone. Also it might have more seniority in your home then anyone else except you lol
  12. Mary Jo wanted to wait, but I'm posting this for her now as I want to show off Sassy & Maddy Mary Jo wrote Last October 2005 for the silent auction I bid on and won the sock monkey basket. Well out of it came Mr. Sock’s smoking his cigar I bought some additional yarn supplies as Mr. Socks quickly expressed concerns that he would like a companion Blossom Then came along Ms.Crochetville who then went off to the 2006 silent auction to look for a nice home and companion Following quickly behind appeared the Sock Sisters, Sassy and Maddy, who will be traveling up to Jersey with their special playmates Sidney & Madison Alas it will just be Mr. Socks and Blossom left to enjoy Spring Break unless another Monkey appears. We will just have to wait and see lol
  13. Tampa Guy

    YeeHaw Lady

    I like it... looks good Mary Jo doesn’t like to wear hats she thinks they make her look funny, but I like to see women in all kinds of neat hats. We were at the mall one day and a whole group of Ladies came in wearing these Red Hats (Red Hat Society) and I was mesmerized. lol
  14. I love that picture...lol...he looks like he is saying. “I’ll have a dozen more in different colors†Or “Miss… check please “ Or “My complements to the Chef†He looks good in his new bib
  15. I like that… …. it’s mesmerizing, and if I stare at it for a while I think I see drfumato, bellarma, and rotmato hiding in there someplace. lol
  16. Thanks for the help, with that and after 20 minutes of brain storming we figured it out It isn’t easy to brain storm with a half Irish and half Polish person as you never really know who you are dealing with with. Once we realize where the markers went it was only a matter convincing someone that the seam seemed to go this away. lol Mary Jo is happily crocheting away in the other room. As I am posting this for her mainly because her knee was bugging her and all I was hearing as hobble, hobble, darn it, crochet, crochet, hobble, hobble, darn it lol
  17. irikel have you read this thread it's long and has lots of pictures of progress and questions Mary Jo answered. I don't know how she does it but never ceases to amaze me. Maybe it's just practice. good luck http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=3899&page=1&pp=30&highlight=dora
  18. Mary Jo has them on the March 2006 Table but I am going to acquire them for my room:P I got plenty of room
  19. neat I like your color selections:clap I printed out the instructions and took them into my personal crocheting diva (Mary Jo) and requested a few:D she did ask though "what size hook :think" I said "oh I don't care"
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