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  1. I love that picture...lol...he looks like he is saying. “I’ll have a dozen more in different colors†Or “Miss… check please “ Or “My complements to the Chef†He looks good in his new bib
  2. I like that… …. it’s mesmerizing, and if I stare at it for a while I think I see drfumato, bellarma, and rotmato hiding in there someplace. lol
  3. Thanks for the help, with that and after 20 minutes of brain storming we figured it out It isn’t easy to brain storm with a half Irish and half Polish person as you never really know who you are dealing with with. Once we realize where the markers went it was only a matter convincing someone that the seam seemed to go this away. lol Mary Jo is happily crocheting away in the other room. As I am posting this for her mainly because her knee was bugging her and all I was hearing as hobble, hobble, darn it, crochet, crochet, hobble, hobble, darn it lol
  4. irikel have you read this thread it's long and has lots of pictures of progress and questions Mary Jo answered. I don't know how she does it but never ceases to amaze me. Maybe it's just practice. good luck http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=3899&page=1&pp=30&highlight=dora
  5. Mary Jo has them on the March 2006 Table but I am going to acquire them for my room:P I got plenty of room
  6. neat I like your color selections:clap I printed out the instructions and took them into my personal crocheting diva (Mary Jo) and requested a few:D she did ask though "what size hook :think" I said "oh I don't care"
  7. This is a revelation, I know I am allergic to newspaper print ink as many times as soon as I start reading the evening paper I start to sneeze and my eyes water. You don’t want to be around me when I reading the Sunday papers. lol Tampa Doll (Mary Jo) has algeries to everthing. We discovered about 10 years ago, when she was have frequent headaches, she went and had test done. We never related it to all the crocheting she was doing, with different yarn and dye colors. So now after medication, inhalers and monthly allergy needles for the last 8 years. With the approximate cost of thousands of dollars she can sit all day and crochet without any side effects. lol I’m a lucky Guy lol
  8. lol @ Roli I stand corrected! Roli after 15 years in the TampaBay area I get cold when the temp goes below 70. lol (nothing to do with me getting older) I think she will like it whether she uses it or not. It’s still something made by her cousin. Maybe a little crocheted ducky or toy to go with it. But then I like crocheted toys.
  9. I like it but I am partial to similar colors Dbl. Claro © = Candela, Double Claro, Jade, Light Green, AMS Natural (N) = Natural, Shade Grown, Claro, Light Brown EMS (E) = English Market Selection, Colorado, Medium Brown, EMS Maduro (M) = Maduro, Colorado Maduro, Dark Brown, SMS Oscuro (X) = Oscuro, Double Maduro, Very Dark Brown, Black
  10. So I’m sitting outside, you can’t see me but I’m right outside the window enjoying the warmth of the sun and I’m thinking do I really need to cut the grass ? Out comes Tampa Doll and says "what you think about this?":hook (clickable) I reply, "I love it. It doesn’t need watering, pruning or fertilizing." She didn’t laugh but she did smile,
  11. Some things you see and you just have to comment on, and this is one of them. First: It’s amazing and reflects your artistry Second: there really is a thin line between genius and insanity. lol Third: I called Tampa Doll back to the computer room asking “I’d like one of these to put my beer mug on†her response was nonverbal but she did respond by smacking me upside my head upon leaving the room. j/k
  12. Does Rocky Rotmato know about this She is one beautiful Tomato
  13. lol@Elizabeth (threeolivemartini) When Mary Jo was making that Leprechaun. I was sitting in the recliner; we were watching ghost story on TV. I looked over at the sofa and see a (bald) hairless clown doll laying there in different stages of dress. Finally I said “That clown is freaking me out†she replied “it’s not a clown it's a Leprechaun named O’Malley and it’s going to have red hair†Believe me it looks much better now:P then on that dark and scary night lol
  14. very good make more lol I’ll have to keep a lookout:( from our island because dangerous pirates are ever present in the waters off the coast of Florida. I’m sure Captain Piramato Roberta and First Mate Elane the mutant cherry are the most feared piramatoes around. lol
  15. Killer Tommy (clickable) from Jersey spent most of his youth:blush (clickable) hanging around the South Jersey tomato farms. He successfully hid from and evaded the notorious Campbell Soup hired guns the snatch and grab ‘quick pickers’. He ran off to join his compatriot (clickable) the Jersey Devil and on to the secret society of the TFNC. Only after many years of combat and approaching his TFNC retiring days did he meet his true nemesis Jersey Tomato Doll. (clickable) She held him close, soothed his rage, and took him places he never dreamed about. They are now living in a quiet paradise on a private Island somewhere off the coast of Southwest Florida. Even though the Florida tomatoes can never match the South Jersey tomatoes he will forever have his soul mate Jersey Tomato Doll to live in a world of warmth,peace and love. (clickable)
  16. Thank you Regina (ladylinoleum) I woke up this morning and went to the back computer room; I discovered hiding in my desk house plant a weird looking tomato. There was a note nearby and it described a tale of a fellow called young Tommy, he said he was worried as the Campbell Soup hired guns the snatch and grab “quick pickers’ were in the area. They had already tagged some for a trip to the soup factory. He is hoping his alter ego appears with friends from a secret society to help him escape. Only Time will tell (clickable)
  17. Looking through your Johari Window I see Shane’s Hug made by Elizabeth and in every stitch and row I see A: Caring Calmness Cheerfulness’ Friendship Giving Happiness Helpfulness Kindness Loving Sentimental Sympathetic and Warmth I see Shane’s smile as he holds the Hug in his hands and experiences this everlasting hug his good friend Elizabeth has given him. He is one fortunate man
  18. Looks great.. ..just in time for our cold weather. It's 38 this morning in our area of Florida.
  19. What is his patch ? and what do you want to make an afghan ? or a pillow.... are you looking for a graph ? (I could try and graph a picture for you ) unless you need a project and pattern already created. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/images/317eng.gif http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/images/3id-3bde.gif http://www.soldiercity.com/images/products/reg/FLB1413.JPG http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/agency/army/317eng.htm
  20. lol...I think its great looking and she is really settling in…the only problem I see now telling your girl “wait a minute I need to move to a better area for you†and …..convincing her that every thing you make is not necessarily for her lol great pictures
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