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  1. Got up this morning all ready to do some lawn work, but there were morning thunder showers. Went to the back computer room with some fresh brewed coffee and sat down. I could hear some commotion and rustling from the side bench of my computer desk. I know that's been were all my little stuffies, Mary Jo makes for me, are snuggled around the bamboo plant. My sister gave me this as a good health gift 5 years ago. As I turned to see what all the commotion was, I saw some quick movements in the Bamboo plant branches. Ah Ha there is a new member in the group, Speedy Spider Jr., someone must have secretly crochet him up and placed him there last night. Probably hoping to scare me..GIF But not so, as I've grown use to little surprised like this...GIF
  2. I know the converted picture size is a bummer, as it was originally posted as a thumb nail, that would expand to a larger picture. At the conversion all these pictures reverted to links showing only the thumb nail size. I’ll try to fix this one but can’t promise to fix them all...as Tampa Doll would have to pay me overtime......lol Tampa Doll’s photographer Tampa Guy.....lol PS: I think it’s posted on the Flicker photo site Mary Jo's Craft Pictures Doll Pictures Seasonal & Tables
  3. Test 1 480x360 shipping box C'ville Mayo Fiestia Boslo.gif: Your file of 301.0 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 100.0 KB for this filetype. Test 2 320x240 shipping box C'ville Mayo Fiestia Boslo.gif: Your file of 148.6 KB bytes exceeds the forum's limit of 100.0 KB for this filetype. Test 3 C'ville Totes 1 to 10 Test 4 Test 5 I like it, just need to pay attention to file size and adjust which process to use.. Thanks All
  4. Well as I assume responsibly for all shipments, I must say I was taken aback at this last shipping request. I have many free boxes from the USPS for priority shipping. But none that would safely handle this shipment and remain within the Priority Mail, least cost size, range. I found one at Office Depot 18x8x6 that was just perfect. They only come in bundles of 25, so because I had a $20 off coupon for a purchase of $75 or more I added a few other things I needed in the shipping Department. Wait till Tampa Doll sees the bill, I can always tell her how I saved $20...lol
  5. Here are some additional pictures I found on Dragonfli photobucket site. I thought you would like to see them also... I put them in gif files for easy posting ... (all clickable) ...
  6. It’s been a stressful two days in the shipping department.. I think I’ll take a nap now ..
  7. My favorite picture, ..(clickable)... I still miss him, but I have Mary Jo to keep me warm....lol
  8. I said to Tampa Doll “what’s up with the January Table ?”.. and looked at her with my sad eyes.. Thank You All, and Tampa Doll, it’s not easy arriving at age 66 and still able to Party..lol........well at my age without some..
  9. It’s amazing.....I discovered there’s a whole new world out there....In my youth the 50’s it was Yo-Yo’s in Mary Jo’s it was Hula Hoop’s. ..lol http://www.yo-yo.com/products.asp?cat=footbags Now it's Footbags ..Rock On..
  10. Dobby’s other Brother Dubbie....lol Life with Tampa Doll is a life full of surprises. A few days ago I see her with tears in her eyes while reading the last Harry Potter Book. I asked her “well who did they bump off now “ She said “the house Elf Dobby and it’s the only one who made me cry.” I replied “well why don’t we have a House Elf?” So I wake up this Sunday morning and go to my back room (computer, cigar emporium..lol) and who is sitting at the desk to say “Hi I’m Dubbie.....Dobby’s other Brother. He makes me smile and that makes Tampa Doll smile...lol (clickable)
  11. Mary Jo is taking a nap, as she is tired out from all the jumping up and down and posing for pictures. She will post her reaction, comments, and more pictures in the Other Crochet Topics.... tomorrow or Monday when she has gathers her thoughts for more to see. Tampa Doll's post http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=59320 I just finished with the pictures and thought you girls would like to see them here right away........Thanks for your thoughtfulness’ ... ... (clickable) ... ... (clickable) (clickable)
  12. Tampa Doll ....Mary Jo has received the package. She will respond as soon as I revive her.. ...lol... I’ll be taking pictures as soon as she comes awake and I can pry her arms from the Gahn....:bheart ....you girls have over whelmed her and made my day also...thank you
  13. So I go back into my computer room, that’s the back bedroom minus a bed lol, and what do I find some neat little stuffy toys, that don’t stand up. I’m told they are tree ornaments called wobbles and aren’t made to stand up. But I found if you sit them on the small cap for a 9 oz water bottle they stand just fine. lol Thank you very much to my very own house elf for these “Neat O” stuffies & & & Oh what you say “little house elf” ? Their not all mine?
  14. I can not, nor wish to Crochet. I (the enabler) like to watch Mary Jo (Tampa Doll) make things. I find it amazing that she takes some colored string and makes fun and beautiful crafts. Over the years it’s been many different hobbies beside her reading (she must have 500 books) a variety of crafts, Knitting, Bead Art, Hook Rugs, Crewel work, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, and for the last 15 years Crocheting. She sits there hour after hour just happily crocheting and her being happy is my joy in life. So I help where I can, color suggestion, sometimes what Doll or Toy patterns looks best. She just beams when someone comes into the house and sees all she has done and comments about its beauty. I enjoy taking the photos of her work and helping her post them in her photo areas for all to see. As I think she is most talented and I like to brag about it. lol
  15. sending you a pm:hook This is Tampa Doll.
  16. Well you had to ask lol Some just like monkeys (me) lol probably a childhood repressed memory lol Or maybe a family self portrait Or if a cult thing which I would never reveal, might have a secret meaning lol I could never get enough of them lol
  17. I woke up this Sunday morning eager to enjoy my day of rest, started the coffee and went outside to get the paper. I proceeded to the back (computer) room, and what do I find ? A Crochet Angel sitting at my screen and keyboard. I now know what you girls feel when surprised by a roak. I have named it Mary Jo My Crochet Angel. (clickable) Out of the 30 or more crochet things Tampa Doll has made for me, to have in my computer room this is my favorite. I’ve made this gif picture and use it as my screen saver. Thanks for letting me brag.
  18. No Tina. it was me. I was trying to put together a gif file of the 6 or 7 bags Mary Jo has made and I moved some pictures to the yahoo photo area. I am normally behind in up dating her yahoo photo site. I’m always a surprise to her lol. Here is what I was trying to do and another cat is almost out lol
  19. Tampa Doll Sorry I moved a picture on photo bucket and messed up your post, but I fixed it and added a new one surprise Thanks for making the monthly table each month it’s a joy to see them in person. Your secret admirer (lover) Tampa Guy
  20. I enjoyed watching the show and the girls were great. I was impressed with Drew and was aware they had him in most of the shots that the Host was in, while she did the Saddle thing. At those times I mostly watch Drew and was amazed how the smile never left his face. I would have like to see him demonstrate his crafting skills. Drew “You the Man” lol
  21. I’m gong to have to buy more pins to justify all these pin cushions
  22. Mary Jo ( Tampa Doll ) Has been waiting for this and I'm happy it's finally on. here is a link to the show info. http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/shows/episode/0,2046,DIY_14255_45942,00.html
  23. Thanks to ladylinoleum's design of Severed Fingers for Halloween and my personal crocheter Tampa Doll, I have some new desk toys to play with and scare the Grandkids
  24. Amazing and Creative I’m going to ask Tampa Doll to make me one of these Bone thingy’s for my Desk area and for her October Table. lol I’m a big fan of the actors Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz in theTV show Bones http://www.vipfanclubs.com/productDetails.do;jsessionid=50FB9D0B8267107D7B12544AABE246B9?productID=702&categoryID=110 I can just picture in one of the episodes him giving her this as a Novelty gift. Because as she often says “don’t call be bones
  25. Reminder August 7, 2006 Contemporary Crochet Home Decor - Episode DUCT-116 http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/shows/episode/0,2046,DIY_14255_44154,00.html Is this the first showing of the “Girls†(lol hey I’m an old guy) visit to Uncommon Threads? I think Donna said there were two episodes?
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