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  1. In my defense Tampa Doll (Mary Jo) Has misplaced (lost) 10 to 20 hooks over the years. I don’t like to see her frustrated searching the couch for hooks or needles ( yes she has lost multiple large sewing needles ..lol) So on occasion I offer some constructive suggestions’. A thankless Job of a husband…lol Found Hook
  2. New Logo? Like New Coke...lol One thing I have learned in my 74 years is no one wants to hear “your new baby is ugly”..lol Also as you get older you don’t like change but if you want to survive your sanity, you accept and move on. Some will think the new baby is looking just fine and some may not. I never did like or buy that “New Coke”
  3. The mayor of Ami Ville decrees:: "So it is written, so it shall be done"
  4. Tampa Doll's Favorite Chair http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v674/TampaDoll/8x6MaryJoCrochet.gif (click on Picture)
  5. I have known and loved Tampa Doll (Mary Jo) for 43 years. She is a born giver, she is happiest when she can give or do for others. She gets great happiness in this "Giving to Others" Over the past 43 years she occasionally comes across other givers, one was me that long time ago and married me. It's probable one of the reasons we have a great long life together. Over this time I have seen her encounter other "Givers" One of them is BGS,and to see her experience this encounter is truly amazing. Still after all this time, watching her reactions to encountering a "Giver" of equal or exceeding her is awesome. Thank you BGS you had her in her crochet corner, sitting quiet for a while ....lol
  6. Good News 25 Crochetville friends have sent 61 squares I'm told 35 at least one from everybody will make up the large Comfortghan and 26 will make up into a Lapghan, which may or may not fold into a pillow type form Tampa Doll is silting at the kitchen table sewing sewing sewing, sewing sewing sewing. Bad News I'm not sure I will get and breakfast , lunch, or dinner today...lol
  7. Girls (well I'm 71 all you'all are girls to me lol) I running out of film for my camera. Wait a minute it's a digital camera....nevermind.
  8. Tampa Guy

    Wandering Turtle

    If you make another you will have two, and you can’t break up a pair...lol If you make a third then, you can’t break up the family....lol I know all the excuses , I use them on Tampa Doll all the time...lol
  9. Look Here http://www.americanwoodcrafterssupply.com/wooden-products/doll-clothespins.htm
  10. Tampa Guy

    Manny Minion

    Manny is having a good time with his new Friends..lol ..More Pictures..
  11. This is a nostalgia memory for me... It’s the first time that I have been able to get some of this, as even though it’s been made in the USA for many years they stopped selling it in the USA around 1970 or so and only exported it to countries outside the USA. http://www.fourroses.us/home Growing up in the 50’s my step dad, who was an ordinary factory worker, would splurge around Christmas time and buy a bottle of this Four Roses. We live in a row home in the city of Camden across the river from Philadelphia. We didn’t have a car and took public transportation everywhere we needed to go. It was a simple life but was a happy time for me. As I grow older my memories often drift back to that simpler time. Of course he only bought the less expensive version and at the time I didn’t even know it was a Bourbon type whiskey. So this Christmas Tampa Doll found me some of the Four Roses Bourbon, she was not sure which one was what my step dad bought , so she bought all of the different qualities that they had. I can assure you my step dad wasn’t drinking the more expensive version. I will think of those Christmas times of my early youth as I sip some of this Four Roses Bourbon. And I will wish for all, happy memories of Past, Present, and Future Christmas times.
  12. Many here at Crochetville have been with Jo Bug in spirit. We have laughed, cried, and prayed, while sending our good thoughts to her. This journey had many ups and downs, and her endurance with this long fight is nothing less that heroic. She has an abundance of good karma that has helped her on this journey. Tell her we will be with her in spirit on that day of her decision, and we will hold her hand with support, on her choice. We do pray for her strength of decision, and moment of peace and salvation
  13. Got up this morning all ready to do some lawn work, but there were morning thunder showers. Went to the back computer room with some fresh brewed coffee and sat down. I could hear some commotion and rustling from the side bench of my computer desk. I know that's been were all my little stuffies, Mary Jo makes for me, are snuggled around the bamboo plant. My sister gave me this as a good health gift 5 years ago. As I turned to see what all the commotion was, I saw some quick movements in the Bamboo plant branches. Ah Ha there is a new member in the group, Speedy Spider Jr., someone must have secretly crochet him up and placed him there last night. Probably hoping to scare me..GIF But not so, as I've grown use to little surprised like this...GIF
  14. I know the converted picture size is a bummer, as it was originally posted as a thumb nail, that would expand to a larger picture. At the conversion all these pictures reverted to links showing only the thumb nail size. I’ll try to fix this one but can’t promise to fix them all...as Tampa Doll would have to pay me overtime......lol Tampa Doll’s photographer Tampa Guy.....lol PS: I think it’s posted on the Flicker photo site Mary Jo's Craft Pictures Doll Pictures Seasonal & Tables
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