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  1. I'm busy knitting them still and I knitted the thumbs like the rest of the mittens. I have now knitted the thumbs on the mittens and I'm decreasing them by knitting 1 stitch from the thumb together with 1 stitch from the mitten. Soon I will make the rib 1 knit and 1 purl.
  2. Hi! Has anyone here tried to knit a mitten from the fingertips and to the rib (top to bottom) just like the socks you can see in the youtube link? I'm a member of a Danish hobby and needlework site where some of us are trying to see if we are able to do it. The start of it we can find out. But the thumb?? Can we make a hole and pick up the stitches when we have finisted the rest of the mitten. Do we need to increase and decrease some of the stitches?? Can somebody help us, please!! Thanks ahead!!
  3. I'm making a couple of mittens just now and I've made another couple in 2010. The pics are the start of the ones I'm making now. The red/purple ones are the ones from 2010. You see them from both inside the hands and the back of the hands. I'm sorry the pics are not the best.
  4. I have different Tunesian crochet needles. Some made of wood and 2 which I'm sure are made of bones (they are from before plastic was invented) from my grandmother (fathers mother born in 1886). I have some of metal and 2 belonging to my knit pro set of knitting needles with loose wires, 2 of plastic which I got some years ago in the 1980's and 2 small of wood with a hook in each end which I bought in Sweden last autumn. So I don't have an excuse for not making Tunesian crochetting.
  5. Hi! Here in Denmark, Europe, we are some woman who are interested in Tunesian crochetting. I'm also a member of a Danish hobby- and needlework site called "Rokken" (= The Spinning Wheel). One of my friends in there is a very clever Tunesian crochetter. February the 4th we're going to meet with her and she will show us what she can. I know some but I guess I can learn more new stitches/methodes. I'm also a member in a Norwegian site and there are a lot of women who make Tunesian crochetting.
  6. I also have different hooks for tunesian crochetting (hakning in Danish). I can make flat pieces or "tubes" by crochetting around with a small needle with 2 hooks. The little heart in my avatar I have tunesian crochetted. 2 identical hearts crochetted together at last.
  7. That is very nice. I didn't know that you can also crochet entrelac. I'm knitting a sweater this moment with entrelac.
  8. I'm making a new pair in white now.
  9. That sounds funny, Stormy! It could be funny to win a pattern for something. i want to take part.
  10. Am I still the only Dane/Scandinavian person in here? Or are there more? Hello to you if you are out there neighbours in Scandinavia (Iceland, Greenland and The Faroe Islands included).
  11. And here is another Dane. Lene in Aalborg, Northjutland, Denmark. Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Cuddlefish! Jeg har lige fundet ud af, at det er i dag. I just wished Cuddlefish happy birthday in Dansh.
  12. Hej fra Nordjylland (Aalborg)! Jeg troede, at jeg var den eneste dansker herinde. Translation: Hi from Northjutland (Aalborg)! I thought I was the only Dane in here. P.S. Jeg er Strikkelene på Rokken.dk.
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