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  1. Super great! I will do this for my fist-sweater-project! Really really great <3
  2. I'm 23 and I made my first chain about 1 year ago. Crocheting for me is one of top things I like to do. BTW I am really happy to see so many teens here, crocheting Where I live I am like the youngest who crochet in spare time... Too bad! Take care
  3. Really, really, really beautiful! You had to be so pleased when you finished it, since it was taking so long I like it A LOT!
  4. WAW! I love it maybe you can share online pattern?
  5. Here is a pic of boots I just finished like an hour ago It's for a friend's baby girl yeey, my first baby boots!
  6. Heya Crochetville! I'm Sanja from Slovenia, 23 years old. I learned to crochet when I was few months working with mentally challenged. They were making granny squares and from that we did a blanket. So that was my start. Later I started making hats, scarfs and other simple things. I hope this forum will help me take my crocheting to next lvl with all advices I can read here. So be prepared to hear lots of questions ) Take care!
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