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  1. Thanks I have managed to finish my hat now.
  2. My niece has asked to me if I can crochet her baby a hat but she wants it in the style of a straw hat with the brim, I haven't found any patterns for this type of hat. pattern will need to be for 6-12 months baby. Thanks.
  3. Thank you all for your replies, these were some of the first items i have made, I only usually make blankets, but I am enjoying learning (with help of youtube) to do diffrent things.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. Cari, I used 6mm faceted beads, I had a few minor errors where I had to go back a few rows but other than that I enjoyed it. I also make jewellery so thought to combine the two would be good.
  5. made these for my daughter's doll.
  6. My first attempt at crochet and beads.
  7. katswhiskas


    Whenever I do blankets using a continous granny square, it always seems to have a kink in it and doesn't lie flat, anything I am doing wrong?
  8. I am working on a baby jacket and hat from justcrochet.
  9. I crochet right handed but can write with both.
  10. I'm 46 and have been crocheting for about a year now, mainly blankets.
  11. My sister learnt to crochet granny squares when she was 14, and she taught me, however she no longer does crochet but I still enjoy it and prefer it to knitting, which I can do to.
  12. I've recently crocheted blankets for my local rescue centre and would now like to try something else, maybe a baby's cardi or hat. Does anyone have any ideas for a beginner, never followed a pattern, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi I've just joined the forum and love to crochet, although I consider myself as an amateur. Lynn
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