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  1. I have this book too and love the patterns! I have not made this purse although it is on my list.....
  2. What a great thread! I am so glad there are so many folks out there just like me! I love patterns and have a bunch, but rarely follow the pattern all the way through. I think one of thethngs love most about yarn is color, color, color, and more color!!!! I think Red Heart SS has definitely gone downhill. It used to be better and softer-wonder where it's made? I tie KNOTS! I don't find any other way to make a piece hold up to use. And I intend my pieces to be practical! I do like felting, but it is still hard for me to watch a HUGE purse that I have put nine million stitches in shrink to a teeny clutch. I have only machine felted and may have to try hand felting. I like to make almost anything=except cozies to coffee cups-sorry I use insulated cups! I have got to start posting more often-you guys sound like a hoot!!!
  3. I like homespun too, but I only use a big hook with it. I can see all my stitches!
  4. My mom had breast cancer, although she did not die from that, she was really into the breast cancer support groups. Funny, she also had bone cancer, and terrible ticker and a host of other issues that no one paid much attention to. But she was glad that breast cancer received the attention that it did. I have known dozens of women who have had breast cancer and it is a super worthy cause. I would like to see a pic of what you ladies have made-it would be great to make some to sell and send the proceeds to a research foundation or whatever. Perhaps we could get a group together?
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to felt them in the morning, so I'll let you know how it goes. Denise
  6. I have been crocheting for eons - and I am that old, too - and I have felted several purses and love the effect. I like to use bright, colorful, variegated yarns and I have just about used Lighthouse exclusively which I order online. My question is can you felt more than one item at a time if the items are different colors? And may I say, I am so:cheerecstatic and thrilled that this place exists. I am also a visual artist and use Wet Canvas all the time, so I am familiar with the format. Thanks for your answers already! Necie
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