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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this, it's just terrible. What great-hearted people they must be, to withstand so much in their lives. I admire their courage and send them my love. Please PM me the address.
  2. Oh wow! I'm sooo thrilled to see my squares in a blanket for somebody! It's wonderful!
  3. I'm sorry, my weekend got really crazy and I didn't send my two yet. They will be going out with tomorrow's mail!
  4. I have five squares finished plus the stuffed bunny, which will go out in tomorrow's mail. Let me know when they make it to you!
  5. Hello! I have two squares ready to send. Can you please PM me your addy? Thank you!
  6. OMG, fifty cents?! Our Big Lots needs to get on the ball! But still, I am absolutely thrilled with my find.
  7. My wonderful fiance took me into a Big Lots yesterday, a store I've only been to once before. Imagine my delight when I saw: ....and each and every one of these balls was....... ONE DOLLAR! It was a dream of novelty yarns. I stayed at the bin making my picks until well after they were supposed to close (oops) and thanks to my honey, came home with this: The resolution is terrible, but I got 5 balls of Lion Incredible in Rainbow, and 4 balls of Caron Pizazz in Black Tie. But I need to go back for more...much, much more... O_O
  8. What a coincidence! I was planning two pairs of slippers as Christmas gifts. I'm in!
  9. I'd like to help, but I'm not sure how many squares I can contribute. Do you know when you'd like to have it finished by? Also, did you want the squares to contain both bright colors and black, or would you like some to be bright and some to be black? I have a bunch of extra bright blue, and some black, that I am not using. Both are acrylic. If I know when you need them by, I can see how long it takes me to make one, and then let you know what I have time for.
  10. I have a stuffed bunny I would love to send this little girl. Also, I will gladly make squares if you still need some, just let me know specs. Is there anything else she might like or need?
  11. What a lovely idea! I am fairly new to crochet, and I was wondering if someone could pass me an easy flower pattern or two? I would love to send some if I can figure them out! Thanks!
  12. Whoa! Been so long since I've been able to get on, it's going to take me AWHILE to read through all these. I'm still sending mental hugs and encouragement to everyone! Go, yarn-letes, go! The blanket is doing well, although I lost two days due to visiting with some out-of-town friends. Also, thanks to my Grandma's generosity, I was able to get some yarn for a knitting olympics project. There's only one problem--there's no WAY I could finish a first sweater now. So I made a last-minute change of project: I'm making knit 12' squares for CrochetDude's charity project. I will make a test square and then determine exactly how many I'm shooting for, since I'm not sure how fast I'd normally make them. Now I'm *really* starting to see the craziness in this....
  13. I have been crocheting and knitting for about two years now, and I have never actually followed a pattern the whole way through for a project. So far, I've made only very simple things (scarves, blanket, tiny change-purses, etc) and have simply combined the stitches I know to end up with what I want. As I learn new stitches, I plan to incorporate them into future projects, but I am interested in learning to read patterns because I can use them to teach myself to make things I haven't figured out how to make on my own. (I give major props to the person who, never having made a sweater before, could 'invent' one on the spot and have it be wearable! More than I can do!) So, to answer your question, I haven't used patterns, but I also haven't made anything that difficult yet.
  14. rddugan--I'm so glad you were able to join us in the Olympics! Go Yarn-letes, go! The more the merrier! Also, thank you very much for your compliments on my blog. My dream is to make my living as an author, so I find that the blog helps me 'keep in practice'. (Maybe I should do a 'book Olympics'? ) On the UFO front, I wasn't able to finish my scarf before the Olympics began. It is about half-finished, but the thing I'm thrilled about is that it is no longer a UFO--it's now a WIP. You can see a progress picture on my blog here: http://pandoraanesidor.blogspot.com/2006/02/todays-my-first-day-olympic-update.html Also, I don't know if I mentioned this earlier--I have a post featuring pics of all 4 of my UFOs, which tells the story of how this UFO came to be: http://pandoraanesidor.blogspot.com/2006/02/project-ufo-finish-it-or-frog-it-ufos.html Eventually, I plan to post pics of each UFO as I turn it from a tangled mess into a beautiful FO! Hope everyone is making excellent progress!
  15. Wow, everyone here is FANTASTIC! I'm amazed at those of you who have already finished projects, and at those of you who have persevered through frogging! I think that we're finishing things at such a rapid pace because of all the wonderful support we have here. I know that it has definitely helped me to be faster than I thought I could be! I'm lucky that my 'pattern', such as it is, is very simple, and I've only had to frog a row here or there throughout the whole thing. I've got about 7 1/2 squares out of 12 done. My Grandma was generous enough to let me invade her stash (waaayyy more yarn than me!) and pick a white yarn to make some of my squares with. So now I have plenty to finish the Crochet project with. Unfortunately, the check is *STILL* not here , so the knitting project is waiting. Rather than switching back and forth, I may finish my crochet project entirely before I can start on my knit project. Still, I'm getting nervous because it'll be my first-ever sweater, and even if I knit like a maniac, I don't know that I can finish it that quickly. (It is only a dog sweater, but it still includes stitches I've never done before.) On the upside, I made a fantastic discovery--there is a new yarn store in my hometown! It's only open two days a week now, but in March, they'll start staying open a third day. Also, it saves me from having to drive 50 miles to support my "local" yarn store. And, they offer lessons in knitting, crochet, and spinning! They're going to have a hard time kicking me out when the three days have passed! But aside from being thrilled to have a yarn store close to me, I'm so excited that the yarny influence is spreading! Hooray! Keep going, everybody, keep going! Let's challenge ourselves and see what we're really capable of!
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