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  1. Thank you everyone - She loves it and her mother thinks I am crazy! but now realizes where her daughter gets 'it' from.... Bec, Yes, I have moved - I am currently melting here in Venice, FL! Sorry to hear you had some issues....I hate when that kind of stuff happens. I am considering doing the same pattern in yarn as a baby blanket - - my daughter is planning a jungle room for the baby (no they are not preggy - just being prepared) - so I was thinking about doing the motifs in yellow and doing the connecting round in green so it looks like a field of yellow flowers. I have a different baby blanket in the works and I have several skeins of yarn I am trying to figure out what to do with - As well as thinking about a doily - I do believe I am hooked on thread - never figured that would happen! What did you have in mind?
  2. I finally finished the spread! I finished it in time to see my daughter over Labor Day Weekend! :clap:clap Here are some pictures of it - I did end up blocking it on the bed - pinned the edges and left it under a ceiling fan for a couple of days - took out the pins and left it on the bed for her to "find" - it is a King-ish size bed (two twins together). I've asked if she could send pictures of it on her teal comforter. Here are some photos while it was pinned.
  3. Gave it to a very dear friend - we are moving - she did love it
  4. A friend gave me a skein of yarn she couldn't figure out what to do with....I started and frogged 4 different projects before I decided to do this one. The beginning square is from some pattern - I don't even remember any more.....and I just kept adding too it as it suited me
  5. Patience not required - cuz if it was, it would never get done )!! I get very bored with the project I rarely, if ever, do any project which requires doing the same thing over and over and putting them together to get the finished product - I have so many squares that are pending a project.....trying to put them together for a scrap blanket - but alas it is packed at the moment...... this is more a simple desire to get it to my daughter......pure and simple
  6. 11 rows down, 3 more to go..... Not working now, house getting sold, figuring out when we are moving (sometime in the next few weeks) and trying to finish getting packed.... I will be seeing my daughter and her husband over Labor Day - in Florida - so I'm hoping it will be done by then......(we are moving from NM to FL) Thought you'd all like to see the progress - the bed is a queen-size, for reference.
  7. When I first began how to crochet, my mother taught me how to chain, then sent me off to practice. I came back after I had chained the entire skein of yarn and asked her how to put it together.....it's very funny now.... What I do with my beginners and just what you have started to do, however, when they feel like they have mastered the one stitch, I have them begin doing the next stitch without starting over....for example, you started with the single crochet and have done maybe 10 or 15 rows of it, starting on the next row, I would have you do the half crochet and continue that for several rows, then the double, then the triple, then back to the double, triple, half and end with the single, by the time you have practiced all of the stitches and become familiar with them, you have yourself a scarf....then you aren't 'sewing' a bunch of swatches together (I find that very tedious myself). And you'll feel like you've accomplished something. It's also a good way to practice finishing and starting a new color as you start a new stitch. The rest of the advice presented is wise as well, just remember, do what feels good for you, when something is made with love, it will be cherished. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to go for perfection.....because that is a matter of perspective. Enjoy your new journey....
  8. I discovered when I started thread that I had to hold the thread differently in my left hand than I do yarn. Yarn I just wrap around my index finger, thread I have to add my middle finger and my pinky into the mix, otherwise my tension is all off and I either hold too tight or the thread gets away from me. It took some time to get used to it, but now (after that bedspread) I can switch very easily between the two - and I actually have another thread project in my head (I cannot believe it!!!!)
  9. LOL, Terry, I WISH!!!!....cuz you know the way the days fly by, Christmas will be tomorrow!!!
  10. Bec, Thanks for the encouragement. I am about 1/2 way through row 10 of 14 (14 rows of 14 motifs each)...We are planning to see each other in FL for Labor Day Weekend (Beginning of Sept) hoping it is done by then I have been mixing it up some with a couple of other projects - that helps me re-adjust my attitude It is lovely here - right now, however, we are surrounded by fires from lack of rain, lightening strikes, and dumb people with their unattended camp fires or playing with fireworks in the wrong places....wishing we were too wet to garden Picture of your progress? Carol
  11. chillrr

    Plaid inspiration

    Thank you everyone - I'll let DH know you all find him very clever ( he is ) feel free to borrow the idea - it is a great way to keep everything straight (and recycling to boot) - and it eliminated him from helping me detangle (he created it after the second time he helped me detangle). Sama - yes it is a pattern from one of the many hefty afghan books I own - which are all packed at the moment as I am attempting to get my house on the market to sell - if I get a chance to look through that box I'll let you know which book (it is several years old) - all I remember is that the sample was done in black and blue (I think) and the photo was on the right side when you looked at it - lol - but I cannot remember the name of the book.
  12. I usually end up giving my stuff away - I like to get yarn from yard sales, craigslist, good will and thrift shops - etc....but if someone wants something from my stash (friends know I usually have 3 or 4 baby blankets lying around) they will pay me for it, or if someone makes a special request I ask they cover the yarn or buy the yarn and give it to me (I usually tell them how much of it they will need to provide) - they usually give me a little more because they understand the effort - but I don't outright advertise/sell/show etc....I just don't want to deal with all that...and I enjoy having stuff around that people want ..... and many times those baby blankets that are lying around end up as baby shower gifts - I always seem to have something available....and it is usually appreciated more than something I could buy.
  13. Nubbles - I'm still working on it - slow but steady - maybe she'll get it within the year (sigh)..... I did start one that was much more dense - ended up not liking it after making just one motif (it was a large motif) Good luck with yours - I would love to see a picture - have you posted your progress?
  14. Cujo - I just kept following the general idea.....Now that it is starting to curl, I figured I had to up it a bit....I did end up instead of doing three sets of stitches for the increase (pattern repeats) I am doing 6 and I restarted at 6 stitches inbetween the double-stitches.....if that makes any sense at all....I figure by the time I get to 12 again, I will end up going back to the six and doing 9 sets of pattern repeats - maybe it will be large enough by then - I will keep posting picks as I move forward - course, now my brain is working on what I would do as an edging...and which color I would use.....
  15. First I did one for my son...the red and black (The only picture I could find had the cats on his bed - unmade of course-lol)- where my DH devised me a system to keep the yarn from tangling (cardboard box, dividers and slats cut into the side - I had 10 skeins going at once)...then I did the yellow one for my nephew and that one I entered into the State Fair and won 2nd place. For the baby blanket I followed the main pattern exactly, just used baby-fine and a smaller hook and it came out the correct size. It really is yellow and green, but the color combo makes the green look blue. My nephew loves it.
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