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  1. webpen

    The Studio Stripe Scarf

    That's a nice scarf. Thanks for sharing.
  2. webpen

    Crochenit Afghan

    Very nice work. It is difficult to complete a project that involves that period of time, but you did it! Congratulations.
  3. webpen

    Shades of Blue Triangle Shawl-Vest

    That is a very inventive idea. Simple, but cute.
  4. webpen

    Free Pattern - Granny Stripe Stocking

    Very cute stocking. Thanks for sharing. I hope I get around to making some before Christmas.
  5. webpen

    A colorful afghan I made

    Congratulations on completing your afghan. Good job.
  6. webpen

    Bunny easter basket

    Good work. I hope it was loved.
  7. webpen

    Easter basket doily

    Very creative and pretty.
  8. webpen

    Finally Finished!

    Congratulations on completing your first big project. Nice work.
  9. webpen

    Twiddle Mitts

    Darski, thank you for this idea. I must make some of these for the facility my dad is in. It will probably help me as much as it will the patients.
  10. webpen

    Coin Purse

    Very cute!
  11. webpen

    Made all my Xmas gifts, am not happy :(

    A crochet friend and I sell at a craft show once a year. Some of the items that my friend didn't like and almost trashed were sellers while things that we both loved didn't sell. Your recipients know that you put your heart into your gifts. They know that you care enough to put your time into making something for them.
  12. webpen

    Dog Dresses - Image Heavy

    So cute!
  13. webpen

    Small Baby Afghan - First Graph c2c

    That is a very interesting pattern that looks like a lot of fun to make. You made a nice blanket regardless of size.
  14. webpen

    The Bucket Basket

    Very nice container. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  15. webpen

    Floating heart necklace

    Very pretty.