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    I love to crochet! Please visit my blog at iheartamicute.blogspot.com to see more of my creations!
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  1. why nelson decided to hijack this particular hot air balloon: he wanted to find the perfect baby shower gift for a little boy that will be born soon. nelson was picnicking under the shade of an industrial building when he saw the hot air balloon drift by. he quickly shimmied his way up the escape ladder and jumped onto the balloon. now, how to get it down? crobot: a crocheted or amigurumi robot http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com
  2. hettie the holiday ham represents the green bay packers* for this american "holiday" that results in an overflowing amount of cheap beer, pizza, screaming, crying, money-losing, and wearing of obnoxious mascot thingamabobs. hettie has made this traditionally rowdy and sometimes gross american pastime into an "awww" worthy event. *please note that i don't have a favorite team nor do i particularly like football or even know what's happening as i'm watching it. to me, it looks like giants with future knee problems lumbering around on a patch of grass surrounded by costumed, drunk, maniacal fanatics. therefore, please do not shoot me hate mail and/or post obscenities on my blog if you happen to be a fan of a team other than the green bay packers. http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com
  3. meet carlile the corgi. he's a shy but loving little pooch. he wishes he could find the courage to ask the cute dachshund next door for a walk along the neighborhood stream, but alas, all he can do is hide behind his human's leg whenever she trots by. Come visit Carlile's other friends on my blog!: http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com
  4. Hmmm... I didn't think about that. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Lyza's friends can be found here on my blog: www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com lyza, oh lyza. she's ready for just about anything. film, theater, singing, multiple husbands, illnesses, and philanthropy - she can do it all... with no hands even! here she is lounging in her favorite frying pan at a posh resort called la graisse pot (the grease pot). My crochet blog: www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com
  6. My blog is full of sweet and unique creations such as Harriet! Please come visit me! http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com welcome to harriet's world. formerly known as harold the poo, he's finally found the courage to admit to his friends and family that he identifies as a woman, a woman named harriet. she's glamorous, she's fun, she's sassy and everything you wish you could be. she even does a little drag here and there. harriet's hobbies: lip syncing boogying giggling about boys taking photos of herself being an LGBT-rights activist harriet's role models: ru paul hillary clinton mothers people that are true to themselves harriet is so happy she is finally a free and independent amigurumi poo. work it, girl! My blog: http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com
  7. I actually didn't have a pattern for the tofu or mustache. I'm going to be writing it out within the next few days so I'll keep you posted!
  8. My blog where you can meet all my crocheted amigurumi friends! http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com I have been working on above mentioned teapot cozy for my so-sweet co-worker that just got married. To be honest, I was going to whip up a scarf for her - easy and fast. After I purchased the light blue THIN yarn, she asked me for a teapot cozy instead. I got to thinking: should I go buy new yarn for the cozy that is thicker (so that it would take less time) and darker (to hide stains)? I was either too lazy or just stubborn (truthfully, I am both) and I ended up crocheted the cozy with what I had. I had a vague idea of what to do and how to do it. There were no patterns online for a Bodum teapot cozy so i knew i had to wing it. Increasing and decreasing my stitches as I went up the curve of the teapot, and, literally weeks later, I ended up with a nice round pouch with an opening for the handle. My plan for the top flap was to have JUST ONE with a cute button. I sewed on the flap and giddily put back on the cozy... and to my horror the flap was on diagonally. I immediately shriveled up and pitied myself for my mistake until an idea hit me like an elephant kicking your face with its hind leg. I'll just make a criss-cross pattern and she won't even know it was a mistake! And here is my product with a few blips here and there, but I was careful not to show them in my photos. Cozies and kitchen things are not something I usually crochet. I like to crochet animated tofu, tampons with attitude and surly cupcakes. Come meet them on my blog: http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com
  9. the vegan voyeur was born from an idea that my friend and I had late one night sans alcohol - i know! surprising, right?? a voyeuristic tofu with a mustache?? YES! what an AMAZING idea! i whipped him up, threw on eyeballs and a mustache, and VOILA! he's perfectly creepy-cute. i used super chunky lions brand white yarn with fuzzy black yarn for the amigurumi style mustache. he's actually only four pieces because the sides are an extension of his front piece, but normally, one would crochet six pieces and sew them together to create a square. he's all free-hand - i didn't have a pattern... consequently, his right side of his mustache is a bit larger than the left side, but i'm going to blame it on his own poor mustache trimming abilities. Do you like The Vegan Voyeur?? Check out my other crocheted creations on my blog! http://www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com
  10. Marty is a shy but an accepting and loving sprinkled little cupcake. He wants to make the recipient of his birthday cake a happy little baby. Happy first birthday! This is my first attempt at crocheting a cupcake. He doesn't conform to traditional gender roles as his favorite color is pink, but he does like to bring out his rough and tumble side by playing intramural soccer and climb trees. I crocheted him without a pattern and the candle was a last minute add-on. The sprinkles took forever to sew on but was definitely a necessary touch to make him stand out out of all the other crocheted cupcakes. I think Marty turned out pretty well. Do you think marty is cute?? Check him and his other friends out on my blog: i heart amicute: crocheted creatures and other crafty creations. www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com Thanks!
  11. Hi, moomoo. I actually used chunky yarn. It's great for big projects like this! Good luck!
  12. darah, thanks for the idea! My roommate did just suggest that I should do that very thing!
  13. hahaha I know, it's a bit alarming at first to see a giant, smiling poo with cheeks...
  14. Everyone, meet bradley, the newest addition to the household. He's a bit sensitive about his size since he was bullied as a young'n about his weight, but he's taking self-confidence boosting seminars to improve his body image. Let's help support his efforts towards becoming self-accepting. If you like Bradley, you'll like his other adorable crocheted friends on my blog: www.iheartamicute.blogspot.com. Bradley is potty training. Bradley is practicing good hygiene by washing his hands. How Bradley likes to pass the time.
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