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    i am a 34 y-o stay at home mommy of 2
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    in icy cold Québec Canada
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    crochet or course
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    stay at home mommy
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    anything for my children
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    since for ever ( since I was about 10 )
  1. Hello all, has anyone downloaded the free pattern of the day for annie's attic of -------- ---, I was out of town and didn't get a chance to download it thanks Lynda:c9
  2. my grandmother started me on crochet when I was little, she said it ws to help me calm my bad temper LOL to this day when I feel stressed out or when I am happy or whatever feeling or mood I am in I simply crochet Lynda:c9
  3. welcome to crochetville from Québec Canada Lynda:c9
  4. welcome to crochetville from Québec Canada Lynda:c9
  5. ok I'm in but do I have to make them a specific size ? what do I do with the completed ones ? Charity ? swap ? sell ? I am a newbie at this so please enlighten me Lynda:c9
  6. looking forward to trying this out as soon as I finish this afghan Lynda:c9
  7. the Olympics are starting soon, wonder how many you will have after that LOL Lynda:c9
  8. welcome to crochetville from Québec Canada Lynda:c9
  9. for the button holes what I do is I sc along the edge and where I want the button hole to be I chain 2 or 3 or 4 depending on the size of the button you want to use, then on the next row when I get to the chain I just sc in the space the number or chain there is Lynda:c9
  10. welcome to crochetville from Québec Canada Lynda:c9
  11. this is just too cute to pass, I will try to make one for my daughter Lynda:c9
  12. I have to drive my kids to school since I live in the country, when I drop them off I usually drive by the store and then all of a suden I hear voice yelling Lynda Lynda Lyndaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and I just know that there is some poor yarn out there that needs a good home, so I swerve my car around and out of my great heart take it out of its misery LOL
  13. great looking hats, the colors really work well with this pattern:clap
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