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  1. Wow thanks for all the responses. I will have to look at them and see what will work best. Laraine, I do have some super bulky yarn, but not in baby colors I don't think they would like deep red! lol I figured I might need to get more, but when I was unsure if I could find the same dye lot ..... She bought this skein almost two months ago. We'll see what I can make happen. Mostly I needed a good easy pattern since I don't usually do blankets!
  2. Hello, I am desperately seeking a pattern (preferably free as I am strapped for $ right now) using Bernat Baby Blankey yarn. A friend recently had a baby and her mother brought me a 300 g ball of Baby Blanket in the Little Cosmos color (a variegated yarn white, blue and brown), that she wanted me to use to make a blanket. The only pattern I can find is knit not crochet! I don't even know if this is enough yarn to make a blanket either? I don't usually make blankets.....Can anyone help?
  3. I will be using a bulky yarn. I like the pipsqueak, but there was another bulky yarn that I liked, but I can't remember what the name of it was only that it was a bulky yarn. I will be going back to the store tomorrow, and I will post the name. Thanks for the info.
  4. Has anyone here make the Bernat Pipsqueak Star Blanket? it is a free pattern... I am asking because I would like to make it but I want to use a variegated yarn for this pattern and would like to know if I need 6 balls of yarn or if 5 would do?
  5. That is what I was thinking, but the pattern calls for a mulitcolored yarn (camoflage) and a solid yarn. I could not find any multicolored yarn in the economy size? It only came in the medium size at the store I was shoping in. I think it was around 245 yds? The solid color was much more over 100 yds more...
  6. Hello, my son really wants me to make him the Kid"s Hooded Sweatshirt...(link here: http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/kids-hooded-sweatshirt) the problem is there is no yardage only the number of skeins for the yarn needed! When I got to the store with him to pick out the yarn, there were 3 different sizes of skeins! Super Saver regular, economy, and jumbo! How do I know how much yarn to use? I am not a fan of the yarn he wants so I probably would not be able to find another pattern to use it with if I bought too much and the store does not take back yarn even if it is unused.... Can anyone help me?
  7. I was on your FB page and commented there about patterns also. I don't usually purchase patterns by themselves. I will buy a magazine or book that has several patterns I like sometimes I usually find free ones I like instead. But the patterns I do buy tend to be children's things or sweater patterns.
  8. I get it! Even reading further into the pattern, it does not say anything about working around to the other side of the foundation chain. I do understannd how it is done though...it is how I usually make booties! Thank you so much!
  9. By the way, the next Rnd starts out Ch 1, 2 sc in both loops of next sc (sc in front loop only of next sc, sc in back loop only of next sc).....
  10. I am making a cocoon for my SIL's baby (she's due in October, but the shower is next week!). I have never used a foundation chain, but that is not really the problem, it is the pattern I am having trouble understanding...here is how it is written: " Rnd 1 (RS) With Purple Mist (that is the color) work 32 foundation single crochet (Fsc); do not join. Place marker on first sc to indicate begining of rnds. Move marker up for each new rnd." I made all the fsc, but it looks like a chain...the pattern does not say to put all the fsc into one stitch? How is this supposed to be a round? I know several ways to start rounds, but have no clue where my mistake is with this pattern....
  11. oops! I just noticed my typo! Glad I used my name as my user name! Thank you both for the suggestions. I don't know why crochet pattern central never crossed my mind. I have used it several times before, my brain just kinda quit for a minute I guess!
  12. Hi, my name is Daa and my 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in October of last year. We expected her to lose her hair over the winter and I made several warm hats for her. Well she only lost a little hair! I was very happy she still had most of her hair. Now the rest is falling out...Does anyone have a pattern for either a sunhat (with the spaces close together to protect her skin) or a light weight hat I could make? I am hoping for a free or not expensive pattern...Thanks
  13. I honestly had not thought of that! I like the idea of a heart ornament....is there a pattern you ca suggest for that? I do have some bookmark patterns...I will have to look thru them.
  14. Wow thank you all for the responses! I will have to take some time to look at them all. If I can work it out, I will let you all know what I make.
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