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  1. grandkids

    Baby caps

    I am trying to find the pattern Newborn cap
  2. This sounds like fun. I would like to be in on it. I have some unfinished afghans that I need to finish up and am currently working on some more baby afghans. Here is an afghan that I made for my eleventh great grandchild, Max, who was born on 9-11-12.
  3. I am not new here but it has been awhile since I have been on here but glad to be back. I hope I remember how to post pictures and all I am sure I will figure it out. I am looking forward to reuniting with old friends here if they are still here and getting to meet new friends. I have been crocheting since I was 10 and I am 65 now. It really helps me to relax. I call it my therapy!!!
  4. I live in North Richland Hills which is in between Fort Worth and Dallas. Glad to see there quite a few of us here from Texas.
  5. That turned out so pretty and you have done a wonderful job on it.
  6. They are both so pretty you have done a wonderful job on them
  7. Donna & anyone else, I just thought I would tell you incase one of the patterns that you might use from cpc called "Cherries Jubilee 12" Square had some mistakes on round 3 but I e-mailed the designer and she has now gone in and made the corrections. I thought it was such a pretty square and it just wasn't coming out like it should. Just thought I would give you that little bit of information. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. A Big from Texas!!!!!!!!! :cheer :cheer
  9. Donna, you know me I am kind of crazy anyway so why not join. Count me in I will give it a go. :cheer
  10. Your angel is lovely. I love angels and in any shape, form or fashion. They just have a speacial meaning to me. Very good job!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Your doily is just gorgeous. I love the pattern and pineapples are one of my favorites. You have done a wonderful job. :cheer
  12. Cupcake, those afghans are just beautiful:cheer You do such a great job on them. I have a few squares done but I was trying to get some other things out of the way that I have a time limit on. Great pictures:clap :clap
  13. Great job your doiles are just beautiful and you have done such a wonderful job on them. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. :clap
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