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  1. Thanks so much! I would love to see a post when you are finished! Good luck with felting...I have never tried it so will be really interested in your progress!
  2. I am sorry that I can't help you with your questions! I saw your post because I was looking to see if anyone made this coat...it is really beautiful. Can you tell me what yarn you used? I was just on line looking for an alternative to the yarn suggested...it is a little more than I can spend right now...I am thinking of using a worsted weight by lion's brand. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone received their magazine yet? I subscribed last year - I love the patterns but there is always something wrong with the patterns I pick out...don't think I will re-up subscription!
  4. Denise, I love that book! I made the ruffled scarf, the shrug, and an presently making the ruffled long cardigan sweater....I love the sweater you are talking about and want to make that too...the yarn is not that bad an investment...I found it somewhere on line for about 7.50 a ball....I also want to make the purple wrap sweater but the Sirdar yarn is very expensive...actually I think I want to make just about everything in that book! Enjoy it! Jackie
  5. Tropicallie,So sorry to take so long to get back to you! (Hooked- Please post a pic of your jacket when you get it done. Are you using the Noro yarn she recommends? I ask because I'm thinking of using a cotton blend - I think wool might be too warm here in Florida. I used a lane borgessia cotton yarn that I picked up on e-bay. I never use the yarn they suggest...it is always so hard to find. I will try to put up a picture this week!
  6. Ladies, I agree - I wasted $5 on this magazine - the only thing half way decent for crochet was the scarves - and they were just run of the mill!
  7. I stumbled upon this book at borders last month - I made several things - the mohair scarf/shawl, the shrug - and I just started that jacket! I love the book - you do have to read the instructions carefully - there are a number of errors in the shrug - just be warned!
  8. That is great! How hard was it to work with beads?
  9. I purchased one not too long ago....it is beautiful! It works..I am just not good at it....actually looking to see if anyone can steer me to someone in New Jersey that gives spinning lessons? My vote is buy it!
  10. Thank you! Both sites have some beautiful choices!
  11. Very happy for you! I have made a number of your creations and I love them all!
  12. It is coming out in November...should see it on stands very soon!
  13. Can anyone suggest a brand of yarn/type that I can use - the pattern calls for laceweight? Not having any luck at my local AC Moore - all I can find is worsted or bulky weight. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  14. I made the same caplet....but I used a cream color and put beads on it! I gave it away to my sister-in-law for a present so I don't have a picture to show....I thought it was too dressy...she wanted something to put over evening gowns. Just in case anyone is interested - the pattern is in Inteweaves spring crochet edition!
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