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  1. Well, I've made alot of things for friends and family. I'm starting to sell my work now, as well.
  2. I voted "4-8". I'm always thinking of new things to start up. :]
  3. I was 17 back in January. I learned how to crochet 8 years ago this Sept.
  4. I've just recently begun make and selling crocheted/knit baby items(mainly hats) for use in photography. Anyhow, I'm excited(hahah), and wanted to share some pictures of my crocheted things. <---- Both the camo-ish fuzzy blanket and pumpkin hat were crocheted by me This bluebird has yet to be modeled. By the way, I designed all of these on my own. I don't rely on anyone else's patterns. -Britta
  5. Well, I decided to do one last sweep of a couple craft stores online(JoAnn & Hobby Lobby), and I found an alpaca blend yarn on Hobby Lobby's site that I previously missed(don't ask me how, because I haven't a clue!). Anyhow, it's Yarn Bee Andes Alpaca in the colors "Damson" ( http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/andes-alpaca/ )and "Paradise" (http://shop.hobbylobby.com/store/item.aspx?ItemId=150323 ). I looked on Ravelry, and the items created with these yarn colors are almost identical to the first two pictures I discovered. Just wanted to let y'all know the search can be called off. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I'm generally pretty good at recognizing what yarn has been used to create an item. This time, though, I'm totally stumped. I came across these hats : http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/31448175/Preview351.jpg http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/30178427/Preview1245.jpg And instantly fell in love with the yarn! I'm guessing they are both the same type, just two different colorways. I'm also thinking the yarn has some alpaca content because of the visible hairs. Anyone recognize this yarn? I would LOVE to know what it is! -Britta
  7. Vanna's Glamour looks similar and comes in silver, white, black, brown, red, magenta, tan, and blue. Caron Simply Soft Party is also glittery and comes in white, blue, green, purple, magenta, and black. Neither are cheap... but they sure are pretty. :]
  8. I'm soon to start working on a cute little football baby cocoon. The original pattern calls for Wool-Ease chunky yarn. When I saw the word "Wool" I became skeptical. Is it soft enough to be suitable for a baby? I haven't ever used it before. My local walmart doesn't carry it, and I'm 40+ minutes away from the nearest craft store. So, I thought I would ask on here. Thanks in advance, Britta
  9. Hello. Do any of ya'll know off the top of your head what specific yarn brand/line could be used to duplicate the texture(and color) of the hat and blanky on this page? I haven't ever used merino wool or hairy yarns, so I'm a bit out of the loop on this one. Thanks in advance, Britta
  10. I recently joined these forums. I've actually been meaning to for quite some time, I just kept forgetting to. Hahah ;]. My name is Britta. I am the oldest of 7 kids. And yes, I'm homeschooled. lol. ;] I'm a senior in HS. I'm probably one of the youngest members on here - 16 years. I've been crocheting since age 9. I've crocheted a wide array of things - potholders, hats, scarves, bookmarks, doilies, slippers, blankets/afghans, shawls, and others small things. I do know how to knit, but I don't find it as fun as crochet. ;] Anyhow, I thought I would introduce myself here before I started posting elsewhere. Cheers, Britta
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