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  1. Well I know I haven't been around much lately. But I have been checking in on things every now and then. My internet hasn't been too stable lately but I think I got that fixed. I did some serious crocheting yesterday. Got one row finished and attached on one of the three afghans I'm working on and Two rows finished and attached on another. I'm hoping for more great progress on those this week. Can't stay long because I have to get ready for work. Nasty thing it is. But hey, as long as it pays the bills.
  2. Just a quick note to say hello. Have to be at second job by seven this morning and from there catch the bus up to the other one. Have to be there by four pm and work until 10. No rest for the weary I guess. Talk to all of you later.
  3. Good morning housemates. Been a bit since I was able to get on here and post. Second job has been cutting my hours. Good news is that first job increased them so for right now I'm just going with the flow. I plan on talking to boss at second job to see why my hours have been cut so drastically when no one else's has. I hope he tells me the truth because I've been hearing four different stories about it and I want to know which one is right. Of course part of me thinks he's just trying to get me to quit. Who knows. Spent a few minutes last week tucking in ends on a baby blanket for a cowork
  4. Good morning housemates. I'm so happy right now. Didn't have to work one job last night so went to bed about 8 pm slept until just about ten minutes ago. Granted I was up several times through the night but at least I got some extra sleep. Today I'm off from the other place and have to work tonight. I need to take my desktop computer back into the company that I rented it from. I paid it off but because of a louse up in the paperwork on their end I got locked out of it and now it won't unlock. I have been tired but I've been getting in some stitching on the bus when going to the evenin
  5. good morning housemates. been working two full time jobs this week. have the old one at Bayard's where I've been for 5 years as a waitress. Just started at an Iron Skillet that just opened in town at the location we used to be at. money seems to be pretty good for now. we'll see what happens later on down the line. I'm only keeping both until I get some of the bills (if not all of them) caught up and then I'll decide which one I'm keeping. On the crochet front, not much happening. Went back to hundred degree (almost) temps around here. So just haven't been in the mood for this week. Maybe
  6. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Mary- I'm still writing. In fact, I currently have two books going at once. The second job will cut into time for that but bills must be paid. I can't wait to see how this is going to work out. I've decided that if the second job works out as well as I think it will, I'm going to let go of my first. I don't want to spend every waking moment at work or travelling back and forth. We'll just have to see what happens next.
  7. I found my way back!!! I haven't been crocheting lately because it's just been way too hot. I don't have much time right now because I'm on day three of a new job and have to get ready. It's actually job number two as a waitress. If all works out well then I'll be able to pay my bills again. but since the other restaurant moved I just haven't been making the tips I used to. I'll write more later. I hope. May take a nap when I get home from this before I go to the other one. I just don't know yet.
  8. I'm still around. Just have been fighting a cold for about three weeks and haven't had much access to the internet lately. Still working on the book. Prologue and seven chapters written and into chapter 8. Dedication written, as is cover biography and webpage biography. I have a friend that's agreed to help me with the cover art and it seems like things are going well. Of course our van is down again. Hopefully, my federal tax check comes in tomorrow and we'll be able to get the parts we need to fix the stupid thing. Got the state tax check back and while it wasn't enough to fi
  9. Thank you all so much for the great wishes. I'm sure that there is only one thing that could prevent me from getting the job. That's being with someone who has a felony on their record. It's not on my record but BF's. If that's all that they can see then they are more shortsighted than the federal government. Anyway, going to go for now. I will post more later.
  10. Well, passed the typing test and the interview. Now have to wait on the polygraph and then is the background check and a final review of all information. I'll know for certain sometime in April. Getting several blocks done and using up yarn right and left. not yesterday though. Slept after the interview and test. Had to work last night. Was actually able to get a little bit of writing done yesterday. This is a good thing. Hope everyone has a fantastically awesome day. Almost time to go to bed.
  11. Been working on my afghans that have been in the works for so long. Finished up a few blocks and working on some more so I can get more put together. My left ankle has been pretty well shot since I sprained it many years ago when I was in the Air Force. With the weather here the way it is right now, I can't get the swelling to go down. Post more later. Have to get ready for my typing test and all. See you all after noon.
  12. Haven't really taken time to catch up with everyone. but just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten you. Been working and trying to stay off my left ankle. Man, that thing hurts so much some days. and it's been swollen for a long time. The restaurant I work at is moving. Everyone's getting for the move. We've been told that the only thing changing is the location. I don't know if I'll be making the move. I have my application in with the Kansas Highway Patrol for dispatch. Maybe if I can get off my ankle it won't be so sore all the time. For those of you who remembe
  13. I'm back. Cindy- My book is a sci-fi/fantasy. It takes place on a different planet in another solar system. Of course, at one point, earth people come along and try to take the place over. Unsuccessfully. I'm thinking there's going to be anywhere from 3 to 5 books in the series. Should be interesting to see where this is going to go. Phyllis- Congrats on the massive time. Wish I had that. Thank you to everyone for offering sympathy on the mil issue. I have decided to take care of a couple of things first before letting my husband know what's going on. If she doesn't want to work
  14. Good morning everyone. Up early today because it was my night off. Made shepard's pie last night and I think it was the best one I've ever made. About to sit and watch some NCIS season 2 (again). I enjoy that show and love to during it. What can I say? Find the inspiration where you can. My book is coming along nicely. I'm at chapter 4 of the first draft and have determined that by the end of next year I plan to have it finished and ready for publication. Work is going. It's gotten slow and the tips just aren't there so it's getting hard to make the bills. But somehow it always se
  15. Hello, ladies. I've found my way back from the land of the lost. Haven't been around for a while but hopefully, I won't get lost in the shuffle again. Tried working two jobs for a while but decided that the amount of sleep I was losing wasn't worth the pay I was gaining. Been working on my book and it's moving along. I'm in chapter four of the first draft right now. Plan on scheduling the downtime that I have in the coming year to split between crocheting and working on the book. Maybe that will help. See everyone later!!!!
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