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  1. Hello! I'd love to show you my first amigurumi experience: it's a owl, named Clotilde. I'm waiting all your suggestions.
  2. Fantastic work! Congratulations!
  3. Thanks hhensler! Using this applications and some other wire details I made some broochs... and I they they look fun! I also have a bag freeform project, but I need to have more free time. When you make your own, I really liked to see it!
  4. I recently discovered the freeform crochet and I must say that I'm really in love with it! I think its like making a paiting, but instead using ink and brush, we use yarn and needle! Here are some of my freeform crochet experinces:
  5. I love crochet jewelry! Your flower necklaces are great! Congratulations!
  6. Hello! My real name is Maria João, I'm 40 years old and I live in Porto (north of Portugal) with my husband, our 9 year old princess and our black dog. I am a psychologist who loves to occupy the spare time with crafts and I'm a really crochet lover! I hope to find here many interesting people to share this passion! Sorry for my bad english!!!
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