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    Tried to teach myself in 2004, but recently renewed my interest as I found long lost yarn.
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  1. CeeMe

    HOT HOT HOT Pink Stashbuster Tote

    I love the color.
  2. CeeMe


    They are too cute! I would love to try to make them. Did you follow a pattern or just make it up? i am amazed at all the talent here.
  3. CeeMe

    Hi from CA

  4. CeeMe

    Hi from New Hampshire!!!

  5. CeeMe

    How much is a scarf worth?

    Good question. I always wondered how you would price things for a craft fair.Beautiful scaves.
  6. CeeMe

    God's eternal love shawl (updated in post 50)

    Beautiful shawl. I would love to make it someday.
  7. CeeMe

    Wedding Gift RR

    They are absolutely beautiful. I love the colors.
  8. CeeMe

    teaching my 5 year old daughter to crochet

    I am so excited to hear your tips on teaching the liitle ones. My oldest is only 3, but I have begun bringing out my projects and she is asking questions about it. That might be all we do for a bit, but I am glad to hear of your little ones successes. Gives me hope that the time will come sooner rather than never.
  9. CeeMe

    my honey BEE is ready for shopping....

    That is so cute!! I love it.
  10. CeeMe

    Hello from an amigurumi lover

    Welcome. Glad you're here
  11. CeeMe

    Baby Items for Shower

    Very cute! I have some baby showers to attend this fall. I am goikng to have to find some patterns
  12. CeeMe

    Basic Granny Afghan ( its a hexagon afghan)

    I really like that. It looks super fun to make
  13. CeeMe

    Magic Ball Round Ripple Afghan

    I love it. I will definately have to store up and organize to make some magic balls
  14. CeeMe

    corner start/diagonal granny square

    I love it. Thank you for sharing. I will have to try this.
  15. CeeMe

    hi everyone :)

    Welcome! Once you start browsing the forum your patterns and projects ideas will increase tenfold.