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  1. Hey all! Quick check in while I have a couple minutes. Been busy trying to get and keep things cleaned up and the kids out of the heat until evenings when we go to the park. Thankfully now they have the sprinkler on for them! It's been too humid for me to get any crocheting done again I need my yarn fix!!! Hope all are well and that headaches and migraines are gone today! Have a great Sunday all! s
  2. Hey all! Finally able to check in and say hi! Hope all are well and I'll try to get back on after while when the kids are asleep and do come catch up reading!
  3. Morning all! It finally stopped raining and the majority of the highways are back open, with the exception of a few areas we're good now. I went and got pictures yesterday, yeah. Can't post them from my phone or tablet. The message about the CGOA chain-link thing blocks the menu on them Oh well, no bug deal Well, I better get off here. Got a few things to get done today. Hope you all are feeling well and staying dry and what-not! s all and have a great day!
  4. Hey all and good evening! just a couple minutes to stop in and say hi. Happy birthday to our May Squares! Hope you enjoy your special days! On another note, it seems that St. Louis and Jefferson County are once again their own islands. And I'm in St. Louis and Immafreek is in Jefferson County, and if what I've heard is right (or I just heard wrong, not really sure which) we're basically about cut off from the rest of the country again. Last I heard, there is no way in or out of St. Louis. I'm not sure about where my sissy is, I dont seem to get their news over here Other than that,
  5. Hey all and good afternoon! Quick stop in while I have a few minutes. Not too much has been going on, and I lost my hooks again! I went to work on one of my many projects, and they all went poof...Now I just have to remember where I last saw them that wasn't in my bag (already looked there) and go from there. Knowing my little one, they may be in her toy bucket? Other than that, just keeping an eye on the chicks. I hope you all are well or mending! I shall try to get back on more, now that my phone supports this site, I just need to remember that too! s all!
  6. P.S......Jazz totally loves them and doesn't want to leave them alone!
  7. So, today was interesting! After I got Bobby on the bus and Mom got up, we went and got 2 dozen baby chicks...of unknown gender, but looking at them I *think* they're mostly hens? And then I get home to find a puffy of beautiful squares from a certain Katy on here! I love them! Thank you! I'm going to try to post the pics I took, but if I can't, well... Anywho, I hope all are well or quickly mending! s all!
  8. Hey all and good afternoon! Fixing to go get some running done and then probably take the kids to the park for a little bit. Wear them out so they *hopefully* sleep better! I wish! Other than that, not doing much of anything today... Katy, glad to hear you're doing better! s Well, off I go. Need to finish getting everything together for the journey to good ol' Wallie World and the AT&T store! s all!
  9. Hey all! Quick pop in, been kinda busy with Easter and now recovering from it... I do hope you all had a great Sunday too! Well, back off I go. We're having a late and somewhat crazy night here! Hope all are well or mending! s
  10. Morning all, quick stop in. Going to try to get something done today, just not sure what...the lawn needs done again, and I have another ton of laundry to do. Not sure what I'm going to get done yet, head is still hurting Gonna hop back off here. Hope everyone is well! s
  11. Hey all and good afternoon! Not much going on over here on my end today, except a horrible migraine. Even thinking hurts right now, and I even took something for it a few hours ago. Owlvamp, sorry to hear about your grandson and the probs with his mom. Hope he gets well soon and that you hear something sooner than that. Well, back off I go, looking at the screen is making my head hurt more. Hope everyone is well or mending! s all!
  12. Hey all, been MIA again for a few days, had some stuff that needed to get done. Including my first bake-a-thon for this year. 18 loaves of friendship bread! I'm swimming in this stuff, part of it is getting frozen. Aside from that, I went and got my phone upgraded last week, got *some* cleaning done, but with these 2 kids you literally can't tell. And I know there was a couple other things, but I'm so sleep deprived right now that I can't even remember what they were Well, hopefully tonight I can get some yarning done...I really need the therapy of it! Well, I hope everyone is
  13. Before I forget again...are we doing the emergency call list, and if so, who do I give my phone number to for it? I remember someone saying something about it a couple months ago, but I can't remember who...
  14. Morning all, quick stop in before I try to get my day started...and hopefully NOT fall back asleep Been doing that lot here lately. Idk what's going on with it, but I'll sit down for a few minutes and the next thing I know, it's between 3 and 5 hours later and I'm rubbing sleep from my eyes. Going to mop, and then if DD is still asleep, I'm going to go for a walk and wash my hair. DS has a dr appt this afternoon for an EKG. We're hoping it's nothing serious and that the dr was just hearing things or the echo (or whatever it is she heard) was just because he'd been sick when we last had him
  15. Hey all and happy late afternoon/early evening! My hand and wrist are mostly better today, still a little swollen tho. Snowbear, hope you get your dr appt soon, and that you feel better quickly. Owlvamp and Lovin2crochet, hope your shoulders start feeling better! That's worse than a wrist and hand pain, harder to move! It seems that more rain is on it's way here. Just checked the weather report for us and it's not looking fun. They're saying it may flood in some areas (or something like that) Rain from late tonight until late tomorrow...Looks like we're not going anywhere but
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